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Find a wide selection of light up and glowing sports products! Give our glowing beach ball a toss at your next beach party or head out for some night fishing. The Glowing Night Ball is perfect for street hockey or night ball tag and we've got amazing glow in the dark basketballs, LED soccer balls and light up footballs. Glow sports are fun for all!

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  1. Light Up LED Glowing Arm Bands
    Glowing LED Sports Arm Bands
  2. Glowing LED Marker Sticks
    14 Inch Glowing LED Marker Sticks with Ground Stakes
  3. Light Up LED Glow Golf Balls
    Light Up LED Golf Balls
  4. Glow in the Dark Golf Balls with Glow Insert
    Glow Golf Balls with Glow Insert
  5. Glowing Golf Balls - 3 Ball Practice Pack
    Glow Golf 3 Ball Practice Pack
  6. LED Night Golf Flag Sticks
    LED Night Golf Flag Sticks
  7. Glow Beach Ball with LED Light Insert
    Glow Beach Balls with LED Light Insert
  8. Glowing Beach Balls
    Glow Beach Balls with Glow Stick Inserts
  9. Glow Run Light Up Glowing Shoes Clip
    LED Shoe Clip Light with White Frame
  10. Glow Run Shoe Lights
    LED Shoe Clip Light with Black Frame
  11. Light Up LED Glowing Shoelaces
    Light Up LED Shoelaces
  12. Mini LED Waterproof Light Sticks
    2 Inch Waterproof Mini LED Light Sticks
  13. green fishing light
    3 Inch Flashing LED Fishing Lights
  14. Red LED Fishing Light
    LED Fishing Lights - Water Activated
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Night Sports Information and Resources:

Why stop playing when the sun goes down?

Don't stop, just light up the ball!  Don't play during the heat of the day, get some friends together, have a few laughs and let's play some night sports!  Glow in the Dark balls that you need to expose to light in order for them to sort-of glow in pitch blackness have been around for a long time, but with new LED technology and smart glow stick technology, these are definitely not the expose-the-ball-to-light-and-hope-for-the-best light up sport balls! So don't stop playing! check out our extensive range of unique and exciting Glowing Sport Balls including night golf balls, LED soccer balls, glow in the dark footballs, glowing badminton birdies and more! – Because it always gets dark at night.

Glowing Golf Balls and Night Golf Supplies: carries a wide range of Night Golf supplies including Glowing Golf Balls and LED Golf Balls. We also offer a second type of LED Golf Ball, The Night Eagle Golf Ball, the brightest and best rated light up golf ball on the market! If you are looking for information and suggestions on how to set up a night golf tournament or for additional product suggestions, be sure to check out our dedicated Night Golf Information Page.

Light Up LED Sports Balls:

LED light up Sports Balls come in four of the major sports, LED Soccer BallsLED FootballsLED Basketballs and LED Volley balls! Our light up sports balls are official size and weight, so you're playing with the real deal. Each of our lighted sports balls comes with the LED Light and Batteries fully installed, plus it comes with a spare LED Light Battery Pack. All batteries are replaceable and additional AG13 Batteries may be ordered through

How to set up a Light Up Basketball Court:

The best way to light up a basketball court for night play is to use EL wire kits for the basketball hoops.  Each EL Wire kit has 80 inches of luminous string to put around the hoop and back board.  You will also need one of's glow in the dark basketballs!  Unlike our competitor's glowing basketballs, these use LED lights to light, so there's no need to expose it to light before you play.  And unlike other battery operated LED basketballs, you just push the button and play.  There's no hit-to-activate and you don't have to worry about internal timers turning the ball off on you.  So now that you've got the hoop and back board lit up and you've got a light up basketball, now all you need to do is mark the players!  Use Light Up armbands and 22" glow stick necklaces for the players and you've got yourself a game!

How to light up a Soccer Field:

If you're like us, you can't wait for the sun to go down so that you can play Glow in the Dark Soccer!  What you will need:  One of's famous Light Up Soccer Balls, to light up the goal posts use at least 2 EL Wire Kits per post.  Or if your field doesn't have proper soccer nets you can use 10"glow sticks with ground stakes for the goal posts.   Use 4” glow sticks with stand to lay out the field or you can also use 22" necklaces to line out the field and center line.  And remember to mark out any sprinkler heads, hazards or anything else you don't want to run into when playing.  To light up the players, it's best to use 22" Glow Necklaces in two different colors, glow bracelets and Light Up Armbands.  Now get out there and hit the pitch!

How to set up a Glowing Football Field:

Are you ready for some Glow Football?  You'll need one of our excellent Glow in the Dark Footballs of course.  And you will need some 22" necklaces to line out the field and center line and the end zones.  And make sure to mark out the field goal post so no one runs into it! And also mark any sprinkler heads, random hazards or anything else you don't want to run into when playing.  To light up the players use two different colors of  22" Glow Necklaces, 8” Glow Bracelets and Light Up Armbands.  And remember, it's not whether you win or lose, it's how you Glow!

How to Set Up a Light Up Frisbee Golf Course:

Now you too can particpate in one of the world's fastest growing sports - at night!  All you need is one light up frisbee per player and 18 of's 7" LED Light Sticks and you have the makings for a great evening of Glow in the Dark Disc Golf!  This does require a little preparation as you have to mark out each target or "hole" - which can be a pole, sign, tree or other reasonable landmark - prior to playing with a glowing 7 inch LED Light Stick.  We like to use the 7" Light Sticks as they are very bright, have a long duration, have a lanyard that you can use to hang them onto your target and you can turn them on and off and are re-usable, unlike regular glow sticks.  And once you have finished the "hole" you can take the 7" Light Stick with you and use it the next time you set up a glowing disk golf course.  One player is chosen to go first and lights up her frisbee and throws her glowing disc at the "hole" - the object, just like regular golf, is to hit the target with as few throws as possible.  Remember to bring a note pad and a pen with you to keep score!  The player at the end of the game with the lowest score is the winner.

How do I Light Up my team for Night Sports?

If you have a charity glow golf tournament coming up, a Glow Run, are getting a group of people together to play Glowing Capture the Flag, or are having a party and want to play some Glow in the Dark Soccer, Football, Volleyball or Basketball, you're going to need to light up your team-mates!  But how? The best way to light up your teams for night sports is with two different colors of's Duralume Brand Premium 22” Glow Stick Necklaces and 8” Glow Bracelets and to use the Light Up Armbands as well.  This way you'll be able to see the wrists, arms, ankles and chest/necks of your team-mates and the other players.  If you have some really big guys on your teams, you may want to check out the Light up Fiber Optic Bracelets. These Bracelets are 11” long and will fit most people's wrists, even some of your bigger team members. If you're not being too serious about your night sports activities, a great way to light up people's faces is with Glowing Eyeglasses and Light Up Head Boppers.  Flashing Bubble Rings are a great way to light up your player's hands.  And remember to have a few Light Up Tumblers and Party Cups on hand for the refreshments afterwards!

Glow Camping and Hiking:

Ah, the great outdoors.  It's beautiful, awe inspiring and awfully dangerous and it gets really dark out there at night!  If you're out in the back country, or even at a private campsite with all the amenities, it's a great idea to bring some additional lighting sources with you – just in case you need to mark something or your regular flashlight runs out of batteries – hey it happens!  
Here's a great list of just a few of the things you can use glow sticks for when out camping and hiking:
- Use glow sticks to light up camp rope covers
- Use them as night trail markers and trail blazes
- Rope and guideline markers
- Tent markers and identifiers
- Personal markers – glow necklaces are great for lighting up the kids at the campsite so it's easy to keep an eye on them!
- Parking spot and parking area markers
- Hazardous area makers
- Night lights

Light Up Bocce Ball:

Use Light Up Niteballs to play glow in the dark bocce ball.  You will need 9 Nite balls, and you will also need some 1.5" mammoth mini glow sticks in two different colors.  Use the green 2" glow sticks that the glowing Nite balls come with to act as the pallino or target ball.  Then use 1.5" mammoth mini glow sticks for the two different colors for the glowing bocce balls to throw towards the target ball  - closest ball gets a point!  Now  go out there and have some fun in the dark!

Glow in the Dark Baseball:'s Niteballs can also be used for glowing baseball and night catch!  For night catch all you need is a Niteball and a couple of baseball gloves.  For night baseball you'll need a glow in the dark Niteball, and some 10" glow sticks with ground stakes to act as bases.  It's also a good idea to get some 22” glow necklaces and glowing armbands to light up the players!

Night Badminton:

If you hate the fact that you can't keep playing badminton until 1 in the morning, we're right there with you.  That's why we created the Light Up Shuttlecock.  Just crack the included 1.5” mini glow stick and insert it into the glow in the dark birdie.  Now you're ready for some late night badminton action!  You will also need 4 EL Wire Kits for the net (2 for the top of the net and 2 for the bottom, 22" glow necklaces for the players, and 4" glow sticks with stand or 10" glow sticks with ground stake to mark out court boundaries.

Light Up Poi sticks and Poi Balls:

Poi Dancing started in Polynesia and has been exported around the world.  People are mesmerized by the fire dance.  Now with new smaller and lighter LED technologies, more and more people are taking up poi dancing with LED poi sticks and glow in the dark poi balls - it's a lot safer to dance with LED lights than with fire! If you want to get started with poi dancing a great way to begin is with's Light Up Poi Sticks and LED Poi Balls.  First put on some music and then just start spinning the poi balls.  Next try practicing with the different planes.  There is the "wheel" plane, with the poi circling beside you.  The "floor" plane, with the poi circling underneath your arm or over your head spinning parallel to the floor.  And the "wall" plane where the poi is circling in front of you. After you have practiced these poi moves and then you can start practicing some of the timings.  The timings all have to do with where the two poi balls are in relation to one another.  So with "same time" the two poi balls rotate at the same speed and time. In "split time" the two poi are rotating so that one poi is reaching the top of its circle while the other poi is hitting the bottom of its circle.  And then there is opposite direction and same direction rotations.  And then the next poi move to master is "weaving" where the  poi is rotated in a figure 8 in front of you.  Keep practicing!

Glow Spelunking and Night Diving and Cave Diving:

6" Glow Sticks are a must have for all spelunking adventures, night dives and when cave diving.  During night dives, 6" glow sticks have been used for years as tank markers to help identify individual divers so that you can keep track of where everybody is.  When using 6" chemlights as a tank marker it's alway best to use different colors so you know the blue marker is Dave, yellow is Sue and so on.  So having a colored tank marker you know where your buddy is and the rest of the group can spot you at a distance and knows your location at all times - a crucial safety factor during a night dive.  We recommend's best Duralume brand 12 hour Premium 6" glow stick that comes with a hook clip and will reliably glow brightly for the full 12 hour duration.  Glow in the Dark 6 inch chemlights can also be used to mark dive lines and can also be used as area markers during a dive as well.

With spelunking and cave diving, glow sticks are just as crucial.  When spelunking (caving exploring), again, it is critical to be able to identify everyone in your group, so having a chemlight marker on both your front and back is necessary.  And by using a good, premium quality glow stick, it will last for a full 12 hours and you will have an emergency back up light - again, extremely important and necessary during cave exploration.  The next thing to do is to be able to mark your trail.  By using glow sticks as trail markers you will be able to mark out your path or "blaze a trail" through complex cave systems.  You can also use glow sticks to mark guide lines and cave hazards as well.  So remember, go slow, be deliberate, mark where you are and mark your group, stay safe and enjoy the adventure with glow sticks from!

Custom Printed Golf Balls and Wholesale Pricing:

Interested in bulk pricing or having your company or event branding printed on golf balls or bicycle flashers? can help you with large quantity purchases or promotional printed night sports equipment. Feel free to call us, toll-free, at 1.877.233.4569 for bulk and promotional pricing.

Night Sports Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I set up a night golf tournament? 
Check out our Night Golf Tournament Section for all the information and suggestions you may need to set up a night golf event, or feel free to give us a call, toll-free, at 1-877-233-4569 and we can help you with all your glow golf tournament questions.

What is the difference between Glowing Golf Balls and LED Golf Balls? 
Glowing Golf Balls refer to golf balls that use a glow stick insert to light up the golf ball. LED Golf Balls have embedded LED lights and micro-batteries inside the ball to light it up and are activated by striking the ball.

What are the brightest colors of the glowing golf balls? 
The brightest colors of glow stick inserts for the glow golf balls are as listed from brightest to least: Green, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Pink. The brightest colors of the LED Golf Balls is as follows: Green, Red, White, Pink Blue.

Are the LED Sports Balls official size and weight? 
Yes, the light up sports balls are designed to be official weight and size. The LED soccer balls are no. 5 official size and weight, the LED Footballs are official size and weight American Footballs, the Light Up Basketballs are no. 7 official size and weight and the LED Volley Balls are official size and weight 18 panel volley balls.

Are batteries replaceable in the LED Sports Balls? 
Yes, the batteries are replaceable in the lighted sports balls. You will also receive an extra LED and Battery pack insert for your ball. The sports balls use 3 pcs AG13 button cell batteries.

Do Glow Sports Balls ship inflated or un-inflated? 
To reduce shipping costs and package size, all LED sports balls are shipped un-inflated. You will need a small hand pump to inflate the sports ball upon arrival.

Do glow sticks come with the light up beach ball? 
Yes, every light up beach ball comes with a glow stick of your color choice. Any of our 6 Inch Glow Sticks can be used as additional inserts if you wish to order additional glow sticks.

What is good to use as night time markers for night sports? 
You can use glow necklaces and glow bracelets to highlight players or teams and 10” Glow Sticks with Stand and 4” Glow Sticks with Stand make for great markers to set up your course or court with. You can choose different color glow products to distinguish the separate teams and to highlight boundaries and hazards.

Can the Twilight LED Umbrella work in rain? 
Yes, the LED lights in the light up umbrellas are micro-LEDs and are water resistant.

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