Hand Helicopter Flying Disco Ball Toy

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Hand Helicopter Flying Disco Ball Toy is available to buy in increments of 3

- Flying Helicopter Toy with LED Disco Lights!
- Use your hand to guide the Light Up Heli-Ball!
- Glows with Bright Multi-Color Light Effects!
- Great Backyard Activity! Fun for the Whole Family!

Heli-Ball Flying Light Up Helicopter Ball Toy! Blast off with this super fun and cool glowing flying helicopter toy! Watch as brilliant lights shine from the glowing crystal disco ball as it flies through the air! The LED Flying Ball Toy Helicopter has sensors on the bottom so you just use your hand to guide the flying disco ball helicopter toy. The light up flying helicopter ball comes with internal sealed batteries and is rechargeable with the provided USB charging cable. Light up the night with a flying disco ball!

Instructions: Charge the Light Up Helicopter Toy by plugging it into the provided USB charging cable (The charging port for the Heli-Ball is located on the underside of the disco ball). While charging, a red LED light will glow inside the heli-ball, once charged, the LED light will shut off. Remove from the charging cable and turn on the flying disco ball helicopter using the power switch, also located on the bottom of the ball. The blades will begin to spin, let go and use the palm of your hand to guide the flying disco ball helicopter!  The sensors located in the bottom of the helicopter will allow you to guide it with just your hand.


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Glow Duration: Approximately 15 Minutes Flight Time
Batteries: Sealed (Rechargeable) - USB Charging Cable Included
Width: Propeller Blades - 6 Inches (15.2 cm)
Length: 4 1/2 Inches (11.4 cm)
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