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Add a glow to your special event or dinner party with our fun light up bar products and LED drink glasses! Choose from a large variety of fun lighted drink and bar supplies including LED Ice Cubes, Glowing Drink Glasses, Lighted Coasters, Glow Straws, Serving Trays, Flashing Shot Glasses and more! And if you need your Light Up Barware custom printed, give us a call at 1-877-233-GLOW(4569) today!

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  1. Light Up LED Ice Cubes
  2. Light Up LED Wine Glasses - Single Colors
  3. Light Up LED Champagne Flutes - Single Colors
  4. Light Up LED Martini Glasses - Single Colors
  5. Light Up LED Drink Coasters
  6. Light Up Tumbler Glasses - Single Color Selections
  7. Flashing LED Shot Glasses
  8. Light Up LED Shooter Glasses
  9. Glow Stick Straws
  10. Liquid Chaser Glow Straws
  11. Glowing Stir Sticks
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Light Up Bar Products Information and Resources:

LED Drink Glasses:

LED glasses come in a variety of styles and sizes. All of our light up drinking glasses are made from a solid acrylic plastic and have battery operated micro lights embedded in the base of the glass. We recommend washing all lighted drink glasses by hand to avoid damage to the lighting unit. We carry everything from lighted pilsner glasses, LED beer mugs, light up tumbler glasses to LED shot glasses.


Light Up Stem Glasses: carries a full range of light up stemware glasses including LED champagne flutes, wine, martini and margarita glasses. Lighted stem glasses come in multi-color or single color selections. Each glass is made from a sturdy acrylic plastic with LED lights in the base. Light up stem glasses are shipped unassembled for ease of washing prior to use. It is recommended to wash all LED stemware by hand.

Lighted LED Ice Cubes:

Light up ice cubes are sealed plastic ice cubes with small LED lights inside. Made from an acrylic plastic, these LED ice cubes are fully sealed to ensure liquid does not affect the internal batteries or lighting. LED cubes are available in both an 8 mode multi-color option or in a 1 color option that has three settings.


Glowing Bar Supplies: carries a variety of other lighted bar products including LED drink coasters, LED shooter glasses, multi-color light up serving trays as well as glowing straws and stir sticks. All battery operated bar products are quality checked by staff to ensure you can just pick up your glass and glow!

Custom Printed Lighted Bar Products and LED Drink Glasses:

Interested in having your company or event branding printed right on the light up drink glasses, LED ice cubes, glow straws, light up coasters or other lighted bar products? can help you with promotional printed bar products. Or are you looking for quantity pricing for LED drinking glasses? Feel free to call us, toll-free, at 1.877.233.4569 for print and promotional pricing as well as for bulk prices on LED bar products.

Lighted Bar Products Frquently Asked Questions:

What are light up drink glasses made of?
The light up drink glasses we carry are all made from sturdy food safe grade acrylic plastic.

How do I wash lighted drink cups?
It is always best to wash LED drink glasses by hand as they have batteries and electronics in the base. Some styles of drink glasses allow you to remove the base for easier washing.

Do stemware glasses come disassembled?
Light Up Stemware glasses usually ship unassembled for more affordable shipping rates. It is also easier to wipe or wash your glasses before first use when they come unassembled.

What is the difference between multi-color and solid color? 
Several of our light up drinking glasses come in multi-color or single color selections. Multi-color glasses have 7 different color settings plus a color changing setting. Single color glasses are a one color glass and have often have light settings such as flashing, fast blink and steady light mode.

Do batteries come pre-installed with lighted glasses? 
Yes. All of our Light Up Drinking Glasses come with batteries installed. The most commonly used batteries for LED drink glasses and stemware are AG13 button cell batteries. carries batteries if you wish to order replacement or extra batteries.

Can I replace batteries on lighted glasses? 
Yes, most of our light up drink glasses have replaceable batteries. If you look on the bottom or base of the light glass, you will see the battery housing.

Can I replace batteries on LED ice cubes?
No, due to the nature of the product it is safer for the lighted ice cubes to have sealed batteries. This ensures no liquid can leak into and damage the electronics and lighting.

Do you provide a discount for bulk ordering? 
Yes. On each product page you will see quantity pricing listed, if you are looking for a quantity not displayed, contact us directly, toll-free at 1-877-233-GLOW (4569) to speak to a customer service representative about bulk pricing.

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