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Glow necklaces in a wide selection of color & quality options. Glow stick necklaces are a fun & bright accessory for glow parties, concerts, festivals, fundraisers & special events! Choose from a selection of assorted color glow necklaces, single color selections or LED glow pendants. Glow necklaces can also be custom printed, call 1-877-233-4569 for information!

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  3. Glowing LED Beaded Necklaces
    Glowing LED Beaded Necklaces - Single Colors
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Glow Necklaces Information and Resources:

Premium Glow Stick Necklaces:

Our Premium line of Glow Stick Necklaces are some of the highest quality, longest duration and brightest glowing necklaces on the market. All glow necklaces come with a pre-attached connector, are available in a multitude of colors and ship in protective cardboard tubing with bubble wrapping.

- 8-10 Hour Glow Duration
- 6mm Thickness
- Pre-Attached Connectors
- 50 Glow Necklaces per Tube
- Protective Cardboard Tube with Bubble Wrap


Standard Glow Stick Necklaces:

Our Standard line of Glow Necklaces offers solid value for slightly lesser glow duration. The quality of the light up necklaces is not affected at all, but the glow time is slightly decreased to offer value pricing for those not needing premium glow in the dark necklaces. All are shipped in highly protective cardboard tubing.

- 4-6 Hour Glow Duration
- 6mm Thickness.
- Pre-Attached Connectors
- 50 Glow Necklaces per Tube
- Protective Cardboard Tube with Bubble Wrap. 


Tri-Color Glow Necklaces:

Tri-Color Glowing Necklaces are a fun twist on the classic glow stick necklace. Tri-Color necklaces come with three colors divided in one glow stick necklace. The colors are Red, Blue and Green or Yellow, Purple and Green!

- Three Colors all in one light up necklace
- 50 Glow Necklaces in a Tube
- Protective cardboard tube with bubble wrap
- 6mm Thickness.


Assorted Color Glow Necklaces:

Our Premium Assorted Pack and Standard Assorted Pack have a variety of bright glow colors all in one tube! Assorted color tubes include 10 each of Green, Red, Blue, Yellow and Pink Glow in the Dark Necklaces.

- Available in Premium and Economy Brands
- 50 Glow Necklaces in a Tube
- Includes 10 Red, Blue, Green, Yellow & Pink
- 6mm Thickness.

Custom Printed Glow Necklaces and Wholesale Bulk Glowing Necklaces:

Interested in bulk pricing or having your company or event branding printed on the 22" Glowing Necklaces? Look no further, can help you with large quantity purchases or promotional printed glow in the dark necklaces. Feel free to call us at 1.877.233.4569


Glow Necklace Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the difference between Standard and Premium Glow Necklaces?
Premium Branded Glow Stick Necklaces offer a higher volume glow mixture resulting in a longer duration glow. Premium brand glowing necklaces generally glow for 8-10 hours and Standard brand glow stick necklaces glow for 4-6 hours. (Depending on temperature the hotter it is, the brighter the glow, but for a shorter period of time.)

What is the shelf life of Glow Stick Necklaces? 
The shelf life of Glowing Necklaces is dependent on the environment the products are being stored in. Keeping the glow sticks in their original packaging and in a dry, room-temperature storage area will help extend the shelf life. General shelf life for properly stored glow stick necklaces is 18 to 24 months.

Why can't I purchase less than 50 pieces of Glow Necklaces?
Glow Stick Necklaces all come pre-packaged in a cardboard tube consisting of 50 Glow Sticks. These tubes are tightly packaged from the manufacturer to prevent accidental bending causing activation.

What are the brightest colors of Glow Stick Necklaces?
The brightest colors of glow necklaces are as listed from brightest to least: Green, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Pink, Red.

Do you provide a discount for bulk ordering?
Yes. On each product page you will see quantity pricing listed, if you are looking for a quantity not displayed, contact us directly, toll-free at 1-877-233-GLOW (4569) to speak to a customer service representative about bulk pricing.


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