Light Up Toys and Accessories

Let's get the Glow Party started!  Lighted glow accessories including cool EL wire kits and sunglasses, LED belt buckles, light up pens, matrix fans, glow craft kits and more!  Glowing accessories are great for special events, birthday parties, product promotions, festivals and fundraisers!  With all this glow it's impossible not to have fun!

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  1. Light Up LED Rave Glasses Smartphone Bluetooth Control
    Light Up Glasses Animated LED Display with Smartphone Control
    $16.99 $0.00
  2. LED Light Up Rave Glasses
    Light Up Glasses with Animated LED Display
    $12.99 $0.00
  3. Light Up Rave Glasses
    Clear Lens EL Wire Sunglasses with Sound Sensor
  4. Light Up Rave Glasses
    Dark Lens EL Wire Sunglasses with Sound Sensor
  5. Glowing EL Wire Kits
    EL Wire Kits - 80 Inches
  6. Light Up Scrolling Message LED Belt Buckle
    Scrolling Text Belt Buckles
  7. Programmable Light Up LED Message Shirt
    Programmable Message T-Shirt
  8. LED Equalizer T-Shirt
    LED Equalizer T-Shirt
  9. Glow Craft Connector Kit - Single Colors
    Glow Craft Connector Kit - Single Colors
  10. Glow Beach Ball with LED Light Insert
    Glow Beach Balls with LED Light Insert
  11. Glowing Beach Balls
    Glow Beach Balls with Glow Stick Inserts
  12. Light Up LED Glowing Shoelaces
    Light Up LED Shoelaces
  13. Glow Run Shoe Lights
    LED Shoe Clip Light with Black Frame
  14. Glow Run Light Up Glowing Shoes Clip
    LED Shoe Clip Light with White Frame
  15. Glowing Circle Badges
    Stick On Circle Glow Badges
    $0.99 $0.00
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Light Up Toys & Accessories Information and Resources:

What are Light Up Toys & Accessories?
Light Up Accessories range from fun light up glow toys, glowing party accessories and cool light up party decorations to fun light up wearables and light up costume accessories and even items you can light your pet up with, write in the dark with and amaze your friends with. But you can be sure that all of these glow accessories are ready to party!

Light Up Party Accessories:
The fact is, any of these amazing light up products are going to make your party epic. But here are our favorites. The Plasma Ball Lamp is great battery operated portable lamp that will take your light up table top centerpieces to the next level. Or if you're having a mad scientist inspired theme party, these are a definite must have. Dr. Frankenstein is going to be super jealous. Looking to create unique light up party decorations, or you're trying to light something up that's just really hard to light up? Check out the EL Wire Kits. With each kit you receive 6 and a half feet of Electro-Luminescent wire with the battery pack already attached, so you don't have to put it together! Just put in two AA batteries, wrap the wire around what you need to light up and you'll be decorating and glowing in no time!

If you're looking to hand out fun light up toys at your glow party, don't forget the LED Matrix Color Changing Pocket Fans. They're both fun and hypnotic. And if getting wet is what you have in mind at your next pool party, then it's time for Glowing Beach Balls! Inflate the beach ball and then crack the included 6” glow stick to activate it and then insert the glow stick into the center of the beach ball! Because they use glow sticks to light up, they are 100% water proof and look amazing in the pool or as cool glowing party decor. And if you have more party ideas, let us know on Facebook!

Light Up Wearable Accessories:
If you're at a glow party, why not BE the Glow Party? With our full range of light up jewelry, glow necklaces, light up boppers and now with Light Up Wearable Accessories, you'll be dripping in glow! Every glow partier needs some fashionable light up eye wear. So why not go with the best and put some Ray Ban style EL wire Sunglasses on. Available in either Light Up Clear Lens Eyeglasses or Dark Lens EL wire Sunglasses these shades have three settings – steady light, flashing or Sound Activated – so you can strobe along with the DJ! Have a special message that you want to share at the party? Then say it on your belt. Our Scrolling Message Programmable Belt Buckles are just the thing to say what's on your mind. Or you can use a Programmable Message T-Shirt! Let everyone at the club know it's your birthday, let everyone know where your band is playing or tell everyone your political views. It's up to you! We won't judge, we're just hear to party! And if dancing and grooving the night away is on your mind, Light Up LED Shoelaces and LED Light Up Gloves will really show off your moves. And the Equalizer T-Shirt lights up in time to the music! Have you signed up for a Glow Run? Then add a pair of LED shoe clip lights to your light up gloves and light up shoelaces and you have the ultimate Glow Run outfit!

Glow in the Dark Accessories:
Do you hate putting batteries in to things? Do you like exposing things to light and then seeing what happens in the dark? Then Glow in the Dark Accessories are the Glow Products you have been looking for! Glow in the Dark technology has come a long way since your glow in the dark silly putty from 1983. This glow in the dark stuff really works. Which means with just an hour of exposure to light you're looking at four hours of glow time – or even longer if you expose the item for a longer period of time. And these things actually glow! Our Glow in the Dark Shutter Shades are a super fun glow in the dark party give-away and your friends will be able to use them again and again. Glow in the Dark Gloves are great costume or dance accessories and are great at Glow Runs as well. And our Glowing Shoelaces are super fun for fundraising at School Dances, Glow Runs and also make great glowing costume accessories. And the other cool thing about Glow in the Dark Accessories is that they are all Black Light activated! Shine your Glowing Shutter Shades, Glow Gloves or Glow in the Dark Shoelaces under a Black Light and astound and amaze your friends!

Light Up Toys:
Everybody loves a good glowing light up toy! Be sure to check out our Helicopter Hand Ball for a fun glowing drone toy with lights that is great for fun at the glow party. The Whirly Flyer LED Flying Toy is another fun giveaway for birthday parties and events. The Glowing LED Windmill Wand Toy is fun to watch the spinning lights in a colorful display of glowing light!

Light Up Pet Accessories:
Lighting up your pet for fun and safety has never been so easy! Why let yourself and all your friends have all the fun when you know Sparky or Mr. Doodles wants to have a glow party as well! Well with Light Up Pet Accessories now your pets can party too! With Light Up Clip On Pet and Safety Lights you can light up your dog or cat instantly. Just clip the light to your pet's collar and now they can be seen at night by you, passing cars and fellow partiers. Don't leave your pet in the dark! Light them up tonight!

Light Up Entertainment Accessories:
Now that you've decorated the place and everyone's wearing their light up accessories, now you need to give them something to do. We'll look no further than's line up of Light Up Entertainment Accessories! If it's 11:00 pm then it's time for the Light Up Hula Hoop contest! Have fun running around playing catch with the Light Up Frisbees and Flashing Bouncy Balls. And if you need to keep score, are playing light up Pictionary or just need to write in the dark for some reason, don't forget's famous Color Changing Light Up Pens! And for the Grand Finale – unleash the Flying Disco Ball Helicopters. They're a mini disco ball attached to a small whirling helicopter and you control the up and down movement with your hand. What could possibly go wrong? If you're looking for more light up toys and glow in the dark party ideas, just give us a call at 1-877-233-GLOW(4569)!

Custom Printed Light Up Accessories:
Are you looking for a unique and special way to promote your business, brand, night club, band, event or charity? Then Light Up Promotional Accessories may be what you are looking for. Don't ever under-estimate people's love of bright shiny objects. We here at have based our entire lives on this fact. I know everybody has a cel phone that has a flashlight in it. But you probably can't afford to give all of your customers a cel phone. That's why Light Up Key Chains are the best! Custom Printed with your Business's name, people will know you're looking out for them every time they light up dark stairs or look for that thing they just dropped underneath the table. Another fun and unique product is our Light Up Pen! The pen ink doesn't change color, but the pen does! Light brightly shines out from the body of the pen and with 8 different color combinations to choose from they will be a huge and memorable hit with your customers. And if you want to keep your customers cool and mesmerized, then check out the Color Changing Spinning Matrix Pocket Fans or the Programmable Message Fans. You can custom print your logo or message on the fan handle or even have your business name or website appear in the air as the LED Lights spin around on the fan. Very Cool! So don't hesitate, and give us a call at 1-877-233-GLOW(4569) and we'll help you get your light up accessories custom printed!

Guerrilla Marketing with Light Up Promotional Accessories:
If you're looking to do some guerrilla marketing, there just might not be a better way than with Programmable Message T-Shirts, Programmable Message Belt Buckles or Programmable Message Pocket Fans. Program your event's name and date onto what you're wearing and head out to the mall, the club, fair or festival and turn yourself into a walking bill board! Custom Printed Stick On Glow Badges are another great guerrilla marketing tool. They're really bright and will get noticed and will stick to pretty much any wall, window or even t-shirt. Give us a call at 1-877-233-GLOW(4569) and we'll help you get started on your promotions campaign today!

Light Up Costume Accessories:
Are you headed out trick or treating at Halloween? Going to Burning Man or an epic Festival somewhere in the woods? Headed to Comic Con? Is one of your friends into costume parties and is forcing everyone to dress up for her birthday? Then it's time for awesome fun Light Up Costume Accessories! Why be normal when you have the unlimited potential of light and glow at your costume creating fingertips. Dazzle your friends and impress your enemies with the Light Up Extendable Sword with Light Show Handle and become Electric Conan the Barbarian. Or if fun and wizardry is for you, then it's time for the Giant Magic Light Up Fairy Wand. Another fun light up wand for all occasions is the Spinning LED Windmill Wand. A must have for all Sparkly Rainbow Unicorns. And all of the above costumes definitely require either Glow in the Dark Gloves, or Light Up LED Gloves with Color Changing Fingers! Or if you are trying desperately to look cool, or trying to be incognito, then just put on a pair of Light Up Sunglasses. Costume done.

Light Up Toys & Accessories Frequently Asked Questions:

Can the batteries be changed? What Batteries am I going to need?
Yes, all of the light up toys and accessories batteries can be changed. Most of the products come with the batteries already installed too! The one exception is the Flying Disco Ball Mini Helicopter. Those come with re-chargeable batteries already installed with a USB recharging cable.

What's the difference between Photoluminescence, Electroluminescence and Chemiluminescence?
The difference between Photoluminescence, Electoroluminesence and Chemiluminescence is what is powering the visible light or glow that each one gives off.

With Photoluminescence (also traditionally known as Glow-in-the-dark) a light reactive powder, paint or plastic containing phosphors is used. When exposed to light, the photoluminescent reactive pigment absorbs the light energy. The phospherescent material's electrons then become excited or active and will start releasing energy in the form of light. This process is called phosphorescence. So the longer you expose your Glow in the Dark Gloves to light for, the more excited the electrons will get and the more light they will give off and for a longer period of time. So that's how traditional Glow in the dark stuff works that you have to expose to light. The cool thing about Glow in the Dark toys is that they don't require any batteries to light up and you can use them again and again!

So then what's Electroluminescence? Electroluminescent or “EL” items have either a powder or film inside them that will light up when an electric current is run through it. Because Electroluminescent products use electricity to glow in the dark, you don't have to expose them to light before you use them, are brighter and can be run by battery power.

Chemiluminescence is what happens when you use a chemical reaction to achieve a glow in the dark effect. Two different compounds are mixed together and start to react in an exothermic reaction and the result will be heat and light. In the case of a glow stick, the amount of heat is hardly noticeable, but the amount of light that is produced is very impressive. The Glow that a Firefly gives off works the same way, using compounds to create a reaction that causes a glow. But because the Firefly is a living creature, this light produced by it is called Bioluminescence.

How long should I expose my Glow in the Dark items to Light?
It is advisable to expose your Glow in the Dark Shutter Shades, Glow in the Dark Gloves or Glow in the Dark Shoelaces to light for at least an hour before using them. This way they will glow brightly for a half hour and then keep glowing for at least 3 hours after being exposed. Remember though, the longer you expose your glow in the dark toys to light for, the longer and brighter they will glow in the dark!

Are my Glow in the Dark items Black Light Reactive?
Yes! If you have a black light or are going to a club or black light party, the Glow in the Dark Shutter Shades, Glow in the Dark Gloves and the Glow in the Dark Shoelaces are all black light reactive and will glow very brightly under a black light. The effect is very cool!

Are Glow Sticks or Glow Necklaces Black Light Reactive?
Yes and no. When under a black light a glowing glow stick or glow necklace will still be glowing and will look cool, but it won't really be affected by the black light because it is glowing. However, after a glow stick has finished glowing or is “burnt out”, the flourescent dyes that provide the glow stick's color are black light reactive. So a previously activated glow stick will appear to glow again when held up to a black light!

I need to dress up as a Sparkly Rainbow Unicorn. What Light Up Accessories am I going to need?
You're going to need a Giant Magic Fairy Wand. No self respecting Sparkly Rainbow Unicorn should be caught without one. You will also need some EL wire to light up yourself and your horn and a pair of Light Up Fingertip Gloves to light up your hands and a pair of Fiber Optic Shoelaces to light up your feet.

Do you provide a discount for bulk ordering? - Yes. On each product page you will see quantity pricing listed, if you are looking for a quantity not displayed, contact us directly, toll-free at 1-877-233-GLOW (4569) about pricing for Light Up Accessories or Glow in the Dark toys. will work with you to provide the best wholesale glowing accessories pricing we can!

Can the Light Up Accessories be custom printed with a personalized message or logo?
Yes they can. The Light Up Pens and Glowing Stick on Badges, Light Up Color Changing Matrix Pocket Fans and the Programmable Message Pocket Fans and the LED Light Up Keychains can all have a custom logo or personalized message printed on them. Just give us a call at 1-877-233-GLOW(4569) and we can give you a hand getting your light up accessories custom printed today!