Light Up LED Glow Beer Pong Set

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- Light Up LED Glow Beer Pong Set!
- Includes: 12 Beer Pong Cups, 3 Beer Pong Balls,
and 12 LED Light Bases (6 White and 6 Blue)
- Pressure Sensitive light bases!

- Glow Parties! Birthdays! Spring Break!
- Backyard Get Togethers!

The Light Up LED Glow Beer Pong Set will get you glowing with a fun game of glowing beer pong!  Have a blast with everyone's favorite light up drinking game!'s glow in the dark beer pong kit is a complete light up beer pong set that comes with 12 glow beer pong cups, 3 balls and 12 LED light bases that includes 6 white light bases and 6 blue light bases.

6 of the light bases have bright white LED lights and 6 have bright blue LED lights to create an incredible bright glowing effect on your beer pong table. And they're pressure sensitive so will turn on when the cup is full and turn off when the cup is removed or empty!  The beer pong cups and balls are also black light sensitive and glow in the dark and will charge while sitting on the LED light bases. They will give off a light green glow for a short while after being on the light bases.  The LED lights will create an amazing glowing party atmosphere and will take your beer pong game to the next level!  And these glow beer pong sets do not require any replacement glow stick inserts!

Light Up Glow Beer Pong


Instructions: Unpack the beer pong cups, balls and LED light bases from the packaging. Insert 3 pieces of AAA batteries (included) into each light base and place a cup full of liquid on it to switch it on.  Set up your game and get your friends together and start playing!

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Batteries: Each LED Light Base requires 3pcs AAA Batteries (Included)
Glow Duration: Approx. 30 hours of continual use
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