Light Up Umbrella with Blue LED Stem

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- Bright Light Up Umbrella with Glowing Blue Stem!
- 3 Settings! (Steady Light, Fast Flash & Slow Strobe)
- Built in Flashlight Handle!
- Be safe and seen at night!

Have you always felt that your umbrella just wasn't Star Wars enough?  Then we have the umbrella for you!  Light Up Glowing Umbrella with Lighted Stem and LED Flashlight Handle! These Light Up Umbrellas have a bright glowing stem that illuminates with a radiant blue light!  Just like a Light Sabre!  Each LED Umbrella also has a built in white LED Flashlight in the handle! (The handle flashlight has an independant power button so you can turn it on or off separate from the lighted stem.) Keep safe on your nightly walks with a bright glowing Umbrella!  Perfect for outdoor concerts, festivals and fairs when it looks like rain and makes a great gift for that person who has everything on your list!

Instructions: Open the base of the LED Light Up Umbrella by twisting the handle. Remove the battery container and insert 3 AAA batteries (not included). Place the battery container back into the handle and close it. Press the power button on the side of the handle to turn on the Light Up Stem or press the button on the bottom of the handle to turn on the built in flashlight!

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More Information
Glow Duration: Approx. 24 Hours of Continual Use
Batteries: 3 AAA Batteries (not included)
Width: Closed: 2 1/2 inches (6.3 cm) Width - Open: 41 inches (104 cm)
Length: 34 1/2 inches (87.5 cm)