Light Up LED Golf Balls - 12 Ball Color Mix Pack

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Light Up LED Golf Balls - 12 Ball Color Mix Pack is available to buy in increments of 1

- LED Glow Golf Balls - 12 Ball Color Mix
- 3 each of Blue, Green, Red & White!
- Use a Smart Phone Flashlight to turn on and off!
- Professional Night Eagle Golf Balls!

For single color selections, be sure to check out the Single Color LED Golf Balls

This Night Eagle LED Glow Golf Ball 12 Piece Assorted Color Mix comes with 3 Blue, 3 Green, 3 Red & 3 White Glowing LED Golf Balls. Night Eagle LED Golf Balls use a new light activation technology to turn on and off. Simply shine a smart phone flashlight or a bright light source onto the printed activation circle to turn it on. When you are done playing, shine the same light source onto the activation circle again to turn it off.

Night Eagle Light Up LED Golf Balls provide the high performance aerodynamics, accuracy and feel you expect from a professional golf ball with the added bonus of a spectacular glow effect! These LED Golf Balls have no timers, require no inserts and the sealed batteries have an estimated 14 hour battery life.



Need a hand setting up your glow golf tournament?  Feel free to give us a call, toll-free, at 1-877-233-GLOW(4569).  We've been helping people set up their night golf tournaments since 2001 and we're golfers too!


LED Golf Ball Activator Light

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Glow Duration: Approx. 14 Hours Battery Life
Batteries: Sealed
Width: Diameter of 1.68 Inches (4.2 cm)
Length: Standard Golf Ball Size
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