Light Up Safety Vest - USB Rechargeable

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- Light Up Glowing Safety Vest
- Sizing: Medium to Large Fit
- USB Rechargeable (Cable Included)
- Reflective Panels with Front Zipper Pouch
- Electro-Luminescent Wire Outline
- Lighted Vest for Safety, Night Walks & Runs

The Light Up Safety Vest is a lighted safety vest with a glowing electro-luminescent wire outline. The glowing light up safety vest is rechargeable by USB (cable included) and is a highly visible safety vest. The glowing vest is perfect for emergencies, construction or for night time walks or jogging. The LED safety vest has reflective panels as well as a bright green glowing outline and a zippered pouch on the front.

The light up safety vest is a bright yellow and has a bright green glowing outline. The lights on the safety vest have three settings, a steady light mode, fast flashing mode and a slower strobe mode.

The sizing of the lighted vest can be considered a medium to large.
Adjustable Waist 33-39 Inches (83-99cm), Base Width - 15 Inches (38cm), Height - 17 Inches (43cm) 

Instructions: Remove the lighted safety vest and the included USB charging cable from the packaging. On the rear and bottom of the vest you will find a small pouch with the battery and USB charging pack. Plug the USB cable into the vest and charge.

On the battery pack, you will find a power switch on the side, slide it to the on postion, now you can simply press the secondary push button to turn on and rotate through the 3 light settings (Steady, Fast Flash, Slower Strobe).

Place the battery pack back into the pouch with the push button facing outward from your body so you can push to turn on through the fabric. Switch the primary power switch to the off position for long term storage.

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More Information
Glow Duration: Approx. 6-8 Hours on a full charge
Batteries: Rechargeable by USB (Cable Included)
Width: 15 Inches (38 cm) - Adjustable Waist: 33 Inches (83 cm) - 39 Inches (99 cm)
Length: Height (approx): 17 Inches (43 cm)
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