Plasma Ball Lamp

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- Battery Powered Plasma Ball Lamp
- 5 1/2 Inches in Height
- Explore Science with a Glowing Plasma Orb!
- Tabletop Decor, Halloween, Science Themed Parties!

Behold the incredible energy and power of the awesome Mini Plasma Ball Lamp!  Get ready to be amazed and mesmerized by the wonderful energy of the Plasma Ball Lamp's electrical streams! These battery operated mini Plasma Ball Lamps are the perfect gift for your budding mad scientist or that person on your list who has everything, or use them as fun and exciting glow in the dark centerpieces and light up decorations at glow in the dark parties, glowing birthdays or your next epic Halloween event. The plasma energy inside the ball will react to your touch and is completely safe!

Instructions: Insert 4 pieces of AA batteries into the base of the Plasma Ball Lamp.  Turn it on and the glowing tendrils of plasma will appear!  How does it work? You might ask.  Well, in the center of the globe is an electrical power source with alternating current (electrode) .  Inside the clear dome around the electrode in the middle there are gases, such as neon, argon and xenon.  When the power is turned on, the electric current runs into the gases, creating a plasma.  Plasma tendrils or filaments then extend from the central electrode to the inner surface of the dome.  And because they're all of the same polarity, they won't run into each other.  So why do the electrical fingers of plasma follow your finger when you touch the globe?  Well, as a human being you're basically a big electrical thing.  And your ability to accept the flow of electrical energy fairly high.  So you basically become the path of least resistance and the plasma tendril will flow towards your finger.  Science!

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More Information
Glow Duration: Dependent on quality & brand of batteries - 4 hrs+
Batteries: 4xAA (Not Included)
Width: Base is 3 3/4" wide (9.5cm)
Height: 5 1/2" (14 cm)