Scrolling Message Light Up LED Hat

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- LED Hat with Programmable Scrolling Message!
- 7 pre-progammed messages and designs
- You can also program your own message!
- Rechargeable!  Super Bright White LEDs!
- Promotions! Festivals! Gifts!

Wear your message with the Programmable Message LED Hat! Instantly promote your brand, your event, your band or show your support for your favorite team or politician, let guests know who your staff are or just let the world know exactly what you think. This classic black LED baseball cap has an adjustable strap on the back, comes with the re-charging cable, 7 pre-programmed messages and the scrolling message LED display is 4 inches wide!  Bright White LED lights are used in the LED message display.  Don't be shy, start sending out your message to the World tonight!

Instructions: Just plug in the charging cable into the LED hat to charge it up.  

To Program a Message
First Press the A Button
Then Press the C Button "M1" will appear - which stands for "Message One".  This is the first message slot.
Press C again and "M2" will appear, which is the second message slot.  Press C again and you will continue moving through the message slots.
Message slots M1 to M7 are pre-programmed and cannot be edited.  They are as follows:
M5: Display Pattern #1
M6: Display Pattern #2
M7: Display Pattern #3
M8: Programmable Message Slot
M9: Programmable Message Slot
Slots "M8" and "M9" can be customized to display your own message, including uppercase, lowercase, numbers and symbols.
To edit one of these, press and hold the C button. You can then use the up and down keys (A and B) to choose the letter you would like. Press the C button again to confirm your selection. Then you can choose the next letter, and repeat. Once you have completed your message, press and hold the C button and the display will start playing your text!
Please Note:
...” in the display enters a blank space  and in the display is the delete button

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More Information
Glow Duration: 4+ Hours
Batteries: Rechargeable by USB (Cable Included)
Width: Standard Baseball Cap with adjustable strap
Length: Standard Baseball Cap