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Light Up the Birthday Party with fun lighted party supplies from! From Glow Jewelry to Light Up Drink Glasses and Accessories, you can put together the brightest glow party ever for your next big birthday celebration.

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Glow in the Dark Birthday Party Information & Resources
Because you're an awesome person, you have decided to host a Glow Party! Whether it's for a massive 40th birthday party or your child's 7th - You have come to the right place because knows how to party.

Top 5 Light Up Birthday Party Glow Products
1) Happy Birthday flashing blinky pins – these get everyone in the party spirit and make for great take home party favors as well.

2) Happy Birthday Luminary Bags – it's easy to decorate for somebody's birthday with glowing Happy Birthday Luminaries.
3) Mini Clip and Balloon LED Lights – Light up your birthday balloons the quick and easy way and you can even clip them to the outside of the balloon, wear them as earrings, use them in party decorations, costumes, crafts
4) Light Up Tumbler Glasses – The most versatile of all of our Glow in the Dark Drinking Glasses, the battery operated LED Tumbler Glasses look great and are the perfect size for water, soda pop, high balls, lemonade, iced tea, Shirley Temples – you get the idea!
5) Light Up Ice Cubes – Light up Drinks, vases, center pieces, ice buckets, party decorations – no party is complete without them!

How to set up a Glow in the Dark Birthday Party
#1) Figure Out Who's Coming!

First thing to do is figure out how many people and who will be coming? If it's for a child's birthday party you're going to need fun glow necklaces and bracelets, light up head boppers and wands – and might also want to check out our glow games section. If it's for a 007 Martini Party, then it will be glowing white martini glasses, light up high ball tumbler glasses, white light up ice cubes and maybe a few of the Round White LED Decor Lamps for table top decor. So it's important to know who's coming and how many people are going to be there, as that is going to determine what glow party supplies you are going to need, and how many pieces.

#2) Where is Your Glow Party Going to Be?
Next, determine the location of the venue and what sort of place is it? Are you camping, at a cottage, in a clubhouse, by the pool or in your living room? Your location will also help you figure out how you're going to light the place up for your epic glow in the dark Birthday extravaganza!

If it's outside and you're by a lake, the beach or a pool, glow sticks and glow stick necklaces and bracelets and glow in the dark beach balls are just the thing as they are 100% waterproof! And if you are camping get all the kids to wear glow necklaces so you can keep an eye on them. And glow necklaces are also a great way to light up bicycles by weaving them around the spokes, and you can make paths to your friends' campsites as well. And if you're outside you can play fun glowing lawn target games, our version of glowing bocce ball, light up badminton, or play catch with a light up football. And with 10” glow sticks with marker stakes you can mark out trails, paths and even mark out a playing field for that glow in the dark soccer match!

Is the venue for your light up birthday party going to be at the bar, night club, clubhouse or are you lighting up your home bar for your epic glow party event? Well, we have the glow in the dark party supplies to light up your glasses, bar and bottles! carries a full line of glow in the dark stemware and light up drinking glasses, shooter and shot glasses. And we have LED coasters, Light Up Ice Cubes and LED bottle glorifiers as well. The great thing about the glow in the dark bar supplies is that there is really hardly any set up at all, just push the button and it glows, so set up is easy. You get a great effect with not a lot of effort, so you can spend more time concocting crazy drink recipes. So, just figure out how many people will be attending, determine how many and which type of light up drinking glasses and light up ice cubes you will need and then determine how you want to light up your bar and bottles – with LED Coasters or with Submersible Decor Lights or the Large Decor Lights with Remote. And then you might need some LED Fairy String Lights and Flameless Candles for glowing centerpieces and party lighting around the room. Throwing your very own light up event is easy and fun! At, we've got the light up bar supplies to keep your epic birthday event glowing all night long!

#3) Get Glowing!
If you need a hand with your next light up event, call us toll-free! We've been providing glow party supplies for over seventeen years, so if you have any questions about any of the glow in the dark party products, or how to set up your event, call us at 1-877-233-GLOW(4569) and we'll be happy to talk with you about your glowing birthday party!

Glowing Backyard Birthday Fun!

It's summertime and you have a special birthday coming up! Or maybe you're just looking for an excuse to have a party! Let's make this year's get together one to remember by having a massive hot summer night glowing birthday party! So let's dive into the glow in the dark party supplies that you're going to need to pull this off!

Some 10” Glow Sticks with Stand or 14” LED Night Marker Stakes are perfect for marking out and designating areas for parking. If you have a big backyard or field these light sticks can also be used to mark pathways, and even hazards. They're also great for marking out fields and courts if you're playing night games like glowing soccer or night badminton, or having a family chipping competition with LED golf balls!

Lawn target games can be a lot of fun – we have our version of glow in the dark bocce ball, ring toss and lawn darts – check them out here.

22” Glow necklaces are perfect for lighting up the kids so you can see where they are. And they can spend time wrapping the glow necklaces around their bikes to keep them busy for a while. Light Up Footballs, LED Frisbees and Glow in the Dark Soccerballs are perfect if the kids are a little older.

The last thing you want to do is lose your glass when you put it down in the dark. So you better make sure your drinking glasses light up! Our No-Spill Light Up Glow Cup with Lid is fantastic for outdoor use – no bugs or dust with the lid and if you do knock it over, it won't spill. Light Up Wine Glasses and Glow in the Dark Tumbler Glasses are a lot of fun and LED coasters can be a great way to light up your glasses too!  Decorating your backyard for your glow in the dark birthday shindig is going to be easy – LED paper lanterns hanging from the trees and a few LED candles will set the mood nicely.

Impress your friends and family this summer and light your way to good times! has all the glow in the dark party supplies you'll need to achieve the ultimate Glowing Birthday Event!


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