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8" LED Light Stick Party Wands


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Product Highlights:

- 7 Fun Settings in 1 Awesome LED Party Wand!
- Comes with Pre-attached Lanyard!
- Bright, Fun LED Patrol Wands!
- Glow Parties, Concerts, Dances!

8" LED Light Stick Party Wands

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Product Details:

The Light Up Party Wand is a 7 Setting LED Light Stick suitable for any type of party rocking glow event! The seven settings include a constant on (steady light) mode, fast strobe, slow strobe, color chasing, flash mode, light separation mode (where you can spin and twirl the patrol wand through the air leaving behind Blue, Green and Red trails of light) and color flashing modes! The Lighted Party Wand has an attached colorful lanyard (string), and has 4 LED lights - 2 Red, Green and Blue, that are placed through the wand so that the LED Patrol Wand lights up along its entire eight inch length!




Remove the battery protection tab and push the button to turn on. Press the button again to circulate through the 7 light modes. The wand takes 3 AG13 Batteries that are included and replaceable.

The 7 Light Modes are:

- Steady Light
- Fast Flashing
- Slow Strobe
- Color Chase (Colors move from handle to end)
- Reverse Color Chase (Colors move from end to handle)
- Individual Color Blink (Each color blinks rapidly)
- Color Chase Up and Down (The colors move from handle to end and back)
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