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LED Foam Light Sticks - 6 Mode Multi Color


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Product Highlights:

- Large Foam Covered LED Light Stick!
- 6 Color & Light Settings in one LED Cheer Stick!
- Batteries are Included & Replaceable!
- Festivals! Concerts! Sporting Events! Glow Parties!

* LED Cheer Sticks are also available with Custom Printing

LED Foam Light Sticks 6 Mode Multi Color

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Product Details:

Custom Printing from Nite Promos   Foam Cheer Sticks can also be custom printed with any logo or message of your choice. Check out Customized LED Cheer Sticks at or feel free to call us at 1-877-233-GLOW(4569)


15 Inch Multi Color Foam Covered Light Sticks are a fantastic addition to any festival, concert, dance party, birthday or any other awesome glow party! LED Cheer Sticks have six separate light settings that strobe, flash or glow through several colored LED lights to create spectacular, glowing, party effects! These LED Light Concert Wands are foam covered and come with replaceable batteries.

The six separate light modes include fast multi-color strobe (and when you wave it, it separates the three colors out in a display of streaking red, blue and green ribbons of light!), flashing solid color modes in red, blue and green, a slow transition color changing mode and a steady non-flashing color mode with a purple glow effect. The LED Foam Cheer Sticks come with 3 replaceable AG13 batteries.


Push the button on the bottom of the LED Foam Sticks to turn it on and circulate through the 6 settings. To replace batteries, use a screwdriver on the bottom to access and replace the AG13 batteries.

The 6 Color & Light Settings are:

- Multi-Color Strobe (Fast Flashing)
- Slow Color Changing (Slow Rainbow Transition)
- All Colors On (Steady Purple Glow)
- Flashing Red
- Flashing Green
- Flashing Blue


LED Foam Light Sticks

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