Large Decor Light Base with Remote

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- Large LED Decor Light Base with Remote Control!
- 13 Color Modes and Color Changing Modes!
- Very Large Display Base with 23 Bright LED Lights!
- Use as a Decor Display Light or Ultimate Party Light!

Get ready to give your event the "Wow!" Factor!  Large LED Decorative Light Base with Remote Control comes with 23 ultra bright LED lights, Remote Control, a pre-installed rechargeable lithium battery and a USB cable for recharging the battery!  Now you can control 13 color modes and 3 light settings including steady light on, slow rainbow transition (fade) and fast color change (jump) modes - all by Remote! The large LED Decor Base the LED lights can be dimmed or brightened with the remote control too. The Large LED Decor Light can be used for lighting displays, bottle glorifiers, lighting for tabletop centerpieces or floral arrangements and are a must have for wedding decorations, receptions, glow parties or any type of event or location that requires a bright, versatile, battery operated decorative light source.

The 13 Color Settings are: 
- Red 
- Green
- Blue
- Orange
- Yellow
- Lime Green 
- Turquoise Green 
- Light Aqua Blue 
- Darker Aqua Blue 
- Purple 
- Bright Pink 
- Darker Pink 
- White

The LED Light Settings are: 
- Steady Light (Normal) 
- Slow Transition Color Change (Fade) 
- Fast Color Change (Jump) 
- Bright
- Dim 

Instructions: To use your large LED decorative light, you can either charge the unit by plugging it into the included USB Power Cable or by simply entering 3 AA Batteries. Once the unit is charged or the batteries are inserted, press the Red button on the side, you will then see a small blue indicator light turn on the top of the unit. Simply press the 'On' button on the remote control and make your color and light setting choices.

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More Information
Glow Duration: Approx. 6-12 Hours depending on quality of batteries
Batteries: Re-Chargeable OR 3 AA Batteries (Not Included)
Width: 6 Inches (15.2 cm)
Height: 1 1/2 Inch (3.8 cm) in depth