Graduation Glow Products carries a wide range of glow and LED light up products perfect for adding some glowing highlights to the graduation night and prom! From a variety of Light Up Drink Products to Tabletop Centerpiece ideas. Check below for some great glowing ideas to make your graduation party the one to remember!

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  3. 8 Inch Standard Glow Bracelets
    8 Inch Standard Glow Bracelets
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  5. Standard Glow Necklaces
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  6. Glowing LED Beaded Necklaces
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    Glow Beach Balls with LED Light Insert
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Spring Grad & School Dances & Events!

Make your Grad party extra special by decorating with magical glow in the dark party supplies, create an amazing shcool dance and raise funds or promote your school's play or musical or sports teams and raise some money along the way!  These are just a few of the great things you and your school's grad committee, drama club, dance organizers and booster clubs can do with light up party accessories from!

How to Turn Your School Dance into an Outrageous Glow Party!
A great way to whip up excitement for your upcoming school dance is to have a Glow in the Dark Dance Party! This can also be an awesome way to fund raise for school trips, sports teams and grad parties. If your school doesn't allow glow sticks, that's OK – we have a great range of glowing wearables including battery operated Color Chasing LED Necklaces and Light Up Bangle Bracelets. LED 8” party wands are an awesome replacement for traditional 6” glow sticks, they have 7 different settings and come with a lanyard! Multi Color Fiber Optic wands are another great option for fundraising as these unique wands are truly eye catching. And if you're serving up beverages, check out the Light Up Tumbler Glasses and LED Disco Drinking Glasses. These can all be sold for big profit!
It's easy to transform your school's gymnasium into a lighted wonderland by decorating with a few simple but effective glow in the dark party supplies. You can create glowing light up signs and messages with EL wire kits. LED Fairy String Lights can turn anything that they are wrapped around into a sparkly master piece. Mini Clip and Balloon LED Lights will light up your balloons either from the inside or you can clip them to the outside of the balloon as well. Light Up Paper Lanterns immediately create an amazing atmosphere, and with everybody lit up with color chasing necklaces, bracelets and wands, your job is done! Your homecoming dance will never be the same!

Glow in the Dark Cups to Light Up Your Grad Party!
Light up your graduation dinner or special event with glowing drink glasses! Light up glasses are available in such a wide variety of styles and sizes, you are sure to find the perfect glow cup that suits your special graduation theme or color scheme. Here are a few images of a glow grad party using glow in the dark champagne glasses as highlights. The simple presence of these bright glowing drink glasses on each table creates a beautiful visual effect that lights up the entire event!
You can even get these fun light up drinking glasses custom printed with a special message to all the graduation students. Custom printed light up cups help to personalize the event as well as give each student a memorable lighted keepsake they can take away with them to remember that special glowing evening for a long time to come! Just give us a call at 1-877-233-GLOW (4569) and we can help you get your light up cups custom printed for your event.

Glow in the Dark Party Supplies for School Fundraisers
With so many worthy causes and charities out there, it's important to set your school's fundraising events apart and make them as memorable as possible. That's where comes in! We have over seventeen years of providing glow in the dark party supplies to hundreds of charity events, fundraising galas and glow golf charity tournaments. To help you take advantage of our years of experience, here's a few ideas to help your event stand out!
Having a live auction event during your gala evening? Use bright 12” glow sticks as live auction wands! Bidding becomes so much fun people have a hard time putting their wands down!
Having a Raffle? Attract attention and increase ticket sales with Light Up Party Glasses – with every ticket sold get a free glass of soda pop and you get to keep the glass! And remember, the Glow in the Dark Party Cups can be custom printed!
At the concession sell special money raising drinks – and everyone can see that you've donated when there are a few light up ice cubes in your glass.
Lighted centerpieces and glowing tabletop decorations are another fun way to raise money – all of your guests can bid on the light up centerpieces with either a silent or live auction.
Quickly and easily identify volunteers with Light up Lanyards with Clip. These lanyards are specially designed to clip on to the plastic card sleeves that hold volunteer ID cards, backstage passes and security IDs.
To identify guests, you can use our glow in the dark wristbands or light up pendants. Both can be custom printed with your event name, charity logo and website or sponsor's information!
If you are interested in speaking with one of our sales associates regarding your event, or would like to inquire about getting your Light Up Soda Glasses, Glowing Party Cups or Light Up Pendants or Glowing Wristbands custom printed, just give us a call. Call us, toll-free, at 1-877-233-GLOW(4569) and we can help with your glow in the dark party supplies for your school's event today!

How to Light Up Your Balloons for Decorating School Dances, Homecoming and Grad Parties!
A great question that we get asked all the time is how do I light up my balloons? The best way to light up helium balloon is with the Mini Clip On Body and Balloon Lights. Before you inflate your balloon, turn on the mini LED light, put it inside the balloon and then blow up the balloon. The little light will shine up from the bottom of the balloon, lighting up the entire balloon, turning it into a glow in the dark balloon party monster! And these tiny LED lights are so lightweight, they won't affect how your helium balloons float! The other really cool feature of the Mini Clip on Body and Balloon Lights is the clip they come with. So if you have already inflated your balloons, you can clip these lights to where the ribbon is tied to the balloon, which is a really cool looking party light effect. And you can use them as earrings and fun lapel lights and as fun costume accessories. These lights are available in either flashing or steady light and come in all your favorite colors – Blue, Green, Pink, Red and White!
The Mini Clip On Body and Balloon Lights also work really well in regular non-helium inflated balloons as well. But if you're ready to get a little experimental, your using regular, non-helium filled balloons where the weight of what you are putting inside your balloon doesn't matter, try using 8” glow bracelets, 4” or 6” glow sticks and even 22” glow stick necklaces to light up your balloons! The 8” glow stick bracelets or 22” glowing necklaces will create what we call “Glowing Spaghetti Balloons” for the cool glowing spaghetti effect that happens inside the balloon! If you have frosted balloons, 4” or 6” glow sticks work really well, lighting up the entire balloon really nicely.

Get Your School Event or Light Up Grad Party Supplies Custom Printed! carries a wide variety of glow in the dark party supplies that you can get custom printed with your company name, event, logo, website or special message. All of our light up drinking glasses can be turned into fantastic promotional products. Our Light Up Ice Cubes are specially designed to be imprinted and look great with a bold logo. If you're looking for something for your event attendees to wear, we have glowing necklaces and glow bracelets that can be custom printed and a special custom connector that can be printed with your logo for glow stick necklaces and bracelets as well. Our Light Up Pendants are one of our most popular items to get custom printed as well. Have a homecoming or prom coming up? We have 4”, 6”, 12” and 15” glow sticks that can be custom printed. If your looking for battery operated light up wands for your event, we have 7” LED Light Sticks, 7” Light Up Poi Wands, and Fiber Optic Wands that can be imprinted with your band name, or event. And if you want to custom print your graduation date or your school's name on your light up centerpieces – you can do that too! Our Star and Cube Decor Lights are available in either White or Multi Color and look amazing when custom printed. So get ready to get branded, call us today at 1-877-233-GLOW(4569) and we'll help you get your glow in the dark party supplies personalized with your special message and school's logo.