Waterproof LED String Fairy Lights

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Waterproof LED String Fairy Lights is available to buy in increments of 3

- Bright, Waterproof LED String Fairy Lights!
- 6.3 Feet (76 Inches) in length!
- Includes 20 Individual LED Lights on each String!
- Use for decorations, displays and crafts!
- Compact and Light Weight Battery Pack!
- Weddings! Anniversaries! Gala Events!

Waterproof LED String Lights are bright LED fairy lights in a 76 Inch long waterproof string of 20 gorgeous bright LED lights. Use these Submersible LED Fairy Lights for decorations, displays and crafts! Our bright glow in the dark string lights have a small, waterproof battery and switch compartment attached to the end of the light string that comes with 2 long lasting and replaceable CR2032 coin cell batteries that are already installed. Glowing fairy string lights just make everything look amazing with very little effort! 

The LED fairy string light battery and switch compartment is extremely compact and light weight and can be easily hidden when creating light up centerpieces, wedding decorations and Christmas and Halloween crafts.  LED Fairy Lights can be used for floral arrangements and wreaths, inside vases, wine bottles and mason jars for quick party lighting! A fantastic alternative to regular open flame tea lights and candles, the fairy string lights are far safer and literally way more flexible than traditional candle lighting.  And with their long lasting duration of 24 hours, these lights are ready to party!  Light up your wedding, anniversary, gala event, charity fundraiser, romantic dinner or backyard family reunion with versatile, colorful, magical, submersible LED fairy lights! 

LED String Light Instructions:
To turn on your waterproof fairy lights, remove the glowing string lights from the package and unravel. Open the battery compartment slowly by twisting counter-clockwise and remove the battery protector. Close the battery compartment again and turn on by twisting clockwise.  Your light up fairy lights are now ready for action! 

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