Color Changing Mini Lava Lamps

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On Special - Mini LED Lava Lamps are on special for the following reasons:

- When lit up, there is a delay anywhere from 5-25 minutes for the color change to begin.

- When batteries are changed the delay may be longer.

- Otherwise, the lamps and lights work as indicated.

- Color Changing Rainbow Lava Lamps!
- Battery Operated and Push Button Activated!
- Use as Tabletop and Centerpiece Lighting!
- Excellent as Glow Party & Event Decor! 

Please note that the mini lava lamps are water filled with molded plastic pieces that simulate the lava lamp effect.

Are you looking for a super hip lamp that knows where it's at?  Color Changing Mini Lava Lamps are fun battery operated imitation Lava Lamps with internal LED lights that change through the many colors of the rainbow. These miniature Lava Lamps are excellent for tabletop and centerpiece lighting, party favor giveaways, night time comfort lights for the kids or fantastic light enhancers that let you brighten up any groovy event. Glow in the Dark Mini Lava Lamps look just like the real thing, but take three AAA Batteries (Included) instead of plugging them into the wall - so you can put these decorative mini lava lamps anywhere!  The internal LED lights slowly transition colors to create a soft and ambient glow effect and simulate movement through the lamp. It's time to light up the night with this far-out glowing LED Lava Lamp Table Top Decoration!

Instructions: Simply press the button on the base of the Mini Lava Lamp to watch it come to life with bright color changing Multi-Color LED lights! (Note: These Imitation Mini Lava Lamps are water filled with solid molded plastic pieces to simulate the lava lamp effect. They do not have heated wax like a full sized lava lamp.)

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Glow Duration: Approx. 12 Hours of Continuous Use
Batteries: 3xAAA Batteries (Included and Replaceable)
Width: 2 Inches (5 cm)
Height: 7 Inches (17.8 cm)