Clip On LED Body and Balloon Lights (Steady)

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- Steady Light LED Clip Lights!
- Use as Glow in the Dark LED Balloon Lights!
- Makes great Clip-On LED Earrings!
- Glow Parties, Lighted Costumes, Glow Crafts!

These Steady Light Mini Clip On and Balloon LED Lights are small LED Body Lights with an easy to use clip that can be used as Lighted LED Clip Pins, Glowing LED Balloon Light Inserts, Clip On LED Glow Earrings or for any other use that requires a small but bright mini LED light! These LED Clip Lights have steady LED lights (non-flashing) and are available in bright Blue, Green, Red, Pink and White. To use the LED Clip Light as a Glowing Balloon Light, place the LED Light into the Balloon while you are blowing it up. You can also attach the LED Clip Lights to the string of the balloon for added glow effect! Each LED Clip Body and Balloon Light comes with batteries which are replaceable. Use these Clip On Lights as kid friendly glowing LED Earrings, fun Glowing Balloon Lights, as lighting for costumes or as simple LED Lights for glow in the dark crafts.

Instructions: Remove the battery protection tab from the LED Clip Light. Twist the base of the LED Body & Balloon Light to turn it on. (twist in reverse to turn it off) Attach the Clip to wherever you require some glow! 

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More Information
Glow Duration: 8-12 hours of Continuous Use
Batteries: 2pcs CR927 Batteries (Included and Replaceable)
Width: 5/8th Inch (1.5 cm) Diameter: 1/2" (1.3 cm)
Height: 5/8th Inch (1.5 cm)