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Celebrate July 4th Independence Day with bright glow products from our selection of glow necklaces, glow bracelets, lighted cheer sticks, lighted drink glasses and more! Brighten up the celebrations with fun lighted products for July 4th from Glowproducts.com

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Celebrate Independence Day with Glow!
Whether you're having a backyard bbq with your family, having a big neighborhood street party or watching your town's fireworks display with friends, Glowproducts.com has all the light up Fourth of July gear to make your Independence Day one that will go down in history!

Why is Independence Day on July 4th?
Independence Day celebrates the Declaration of Independence signed on July 4, 1776. It declared that we were no longer under the rule of Great Britain and that we were now free and independent states. It paved the way for the creation of the United States of America!

Fourth of July Fireworks viewing
Show up early and get a good spot! It's also important to ask yourself if you want to be close to where the musical acts are, or do you want to be closer to where you get the best view of the fireworks? Because often these are two totally separate places and you might not be able to make it to the optimal fireworks viewing spot in time after the music finishes. Also, in regards to the fireworks themselves, you also have to ask yourself, do I want to be close to where they are setting the fireworks off and closer to the action- usually it's louder and sometimes more crowded there, or do I want to be back from the crowds a bit, but be able to see a more full view of the fireworks display itself. What is the parking situation like? Do you have a secret spot or would it be better to ride the bus or if possible, walk or ride bikes downtown to check out the fireworks. These are important questions to ask!

Your Own Backyard 4th of July Celebration Neighborhood BBQ
Let's make this year's Fourth of July get together one to remember by having a massive Independence Day glow party! So let's dive into the glow in the dark party supplies that you're going to need to pull this off!

Some 10” Glow Sticks with Stand or 14” LED Night Marker Stakes are perfect for marking out and designating areas for parking. If you have a big backyard or field these light sticks can also be used to mark pathways, and even hazards. They're also great for marking out fields and courts if you're playing night games like glowing soccer or night badminton, or having a family chipping competition with LED golf balls!

Lawn target games can be a lot of fun – we have our version of glow in the dark bocce ball, ring toss and lawn darts – check them out here.

22” Glow necklaces are perfect for lighting up the kids so you can see where they are. And they can spend time wrapping the glow necklaces around their bikes to keep them busy for a while. Light Up Footballs, LED Frisbees and Glow in the Dark Soccerballs are perfect if the kids are a little older.

The last thing you want to do is lose your glass when you put it down in the dark. So you better make sure your drinking glasses light up! Our No-Spill Light Up Glow Cup with Lid is fantastic for outdoor use – no bugs or dust with the lid and if you do knock it over, it won't spill. Light Up Wine Glasses and Glow in the Dark Tumbler Glasses are a lot of fun and LED coasters can be a great way to light up your glasses too!
Decorating your backyard celebration is too easy – LED paper lanterns hanging from the trees and a few LED candles will set the mood nicely.
Impress your friends and family this summer and light your way to good times! Glowproducts.com has all the glow in the dark party supplies you'll need to achieve the ultimate glow in the dark Fourth of July backyard party!

Independence Day Glow in the Dark Barware
If you're having a epic Independence Day Bash then you need to light it up with Red, White and Blue! Instantly create an amazing patriotic atmosphere with Red, White and Blue glow cups and light up ice cubes from Glowproducts.com!

Red, White and Blue Light Up Ice Cubes

Red, White and Blue Light Up Tumbler Cups

Red, White and Blue Glowing Wine Glasses

Red, White and Blue Light Up Martini Glasses

Red, White and Blue Glow in the Dark Champagne Glasses

Multi Color Glowing Party Cups

Multi Color Light Up Travel Cups

Red and Blue Flashing Shot Glasses

Red and Blue Light Up Shooter Glasses with 3 settings

Multi Color Flashing Beer Mugs (Because there's nothing like an ice cold Bud on a hot July 4th! And they look great with your favorite soda as well!)

Top 5 Independence Day Glow in the Dark Party Must Haves

U.S.A. Flag Flashing Pins - Light up your love for America with Flashing Blinky U.S.A. Flags!

Red and Blue 22” Glow Necklaces - Big sellers at Fireworks displays, music festivals and fairs, and lots of fun when camping, or in your own backyard!

Red, White and Blue Light Up Ice Cubes - Instantly turn your regular drinking glasses into patriotic displays of light with super easy to use light up ice cubes!

Red, White and Blue Light up Tumbler LED Cups - The most versatile of all of our light up cups, the Light Up Tumbler glasses know how to party. Get yours in Red, White and Blue for your glow in the dark party this Independence Day!

Red, White and Blue LED Bangle Bracelets - Super Bright and they fit just about everybody! Show everybody how much you love freedom with fun Red, White and Blue Bangle Bracelets!

Red, White and Blue Independence Day Light Up Wearables!
Show your patriotic spirit with these fun and funky red, white and blue glow in the dark party accessories and light up wearables!

Blue and Red 22” glow necklaces and 8” Glow Bracelets
Red, White and Blue Light Up Bangle Bracelets
Blue and Red Flashing Fiber Optic Bracelets
Red, White and Blue Light Up Bubble Rings
LED Star Pendants
Red, White and Blue Light Up Sunglasses
Red, White and Blue Light Up Eyeglasses
Fiber Optic Hair Extensions (These multi color hair extensions aren't Red, White and Blue, but they're so much fun we put them on the list anyway!)
Star Head boppers
Program “Happy Independence Day!” into a Programmable Message T-Shirt or Programmable Message Baseball Cap!
Flashing U.S.A. Flag Pins!

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