Glow in the Dark Easter Ideas

Check out some of these fun light up glow products perfect for Glowing Easter celebrations and for making Glow in the Dark Easter Eggs! Use miniature glow sticks to create glowing Easter eggs or create fun Easter related glow crafts with our glow craft kits which includes everything you need to make glowing bunny ears and glowing flower crafts. Brighten up Easter with fun and colorful glow products!

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  1. Mammoth Mini Glow Sticks Glow Golf Ball Inserts
    1.5 Inch Mammoth Mini Glow Sticks
  2. 1.5 Inch Mini LED Light Sticks - GP NEW
    1.5 Inch Mammoth Mini LED Light Sticks
  3. Glow Bunny Ears GP1
    Glowing Bunny Ears
  4. Mini LED Clip Lights
    Clip On LED Body and Balloon Lights - Steady (On Special)
  5. Flashing LED Mini Clip Light
    Clip On Body and Balloon Lights - Flashing (On Special)
  6. Glowing Light Up Bubble Finger Rings
    Flashing LED Bubble Rings
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  7. 8 Inch Standard Glow Bracelets
    8 Inch Standard Glow Bracelets
  8. Glow Craft Connector Kit - Single Colors
    Glow Craft Connector Kit - Single Colors
  9. Submersible LED Water Lights
    Waterproof LED Tea Lights
  10. Waterproof LED Fairy String Lights
    Waterproof LED String Fairy Lights
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How to make Glow in the Dark Easter Eggs:

Glow in the Dark Easter Egg Hunts are a fun twist on the classic Easter Egg hunt. Use miniature glow sticks or mini LED lights inside any classic plastic shell Easter eggs to give them that glowing shine! If the plastic shell Easter eggs are a larger style you can also try folding up some simple glow bracelets to put inside but we find the following options work best for making glow in the dark Easter eggs:

Make Glowing Easter Eggs with:

Mini Glow Sticks for Easter Eggs   Easter Egg Miniature Glow Sticks

Use Mini Glow Sticks to slip inside of your plastic shell eggs to create glow in the dark Easter eggs! Miniature Glow Sticks are 1.5 Inches long and come in an assortment of bright colors. The kids (and adults too!) will have a blast seeking and searching for the glowing light of your fun glowing Easter eggs!

- Minature Glow Sticks - 50 pc Assorted Color Pack


Mammoth mini Glow Sticks are miniature glow sticks with more thickness and more glow liquid meaning a brighter and longer lasting glow effect. Mammoth mini glow sticks are typically used as inserts for glowing golf balls but also make wonderful glow sticks for glow in the dark Easter eggs.

- Mammoth Mini Glow Sticks

Glow in the Dark Easter Eggs with LED Lights   Flashing Easter Eggs

Another option for even brighter glow in the dark Easter eggs are the Mini LED Lights. These are a steady light option that will keep the Easter eggs glowing with a constant steady light. The Mini LED Lights are available in a variety of color options and can also be used to light up balloons or as fun body clip glow lights.

- Mini LED Lights with Steady Glow


Want to add a little flash to your glowing Easter eggs or make a couple eggs super special bymaking them flash? Then these Mini Flashing LED Lights are perfect for that additonal flashing light at the glowing Easter egg hunt. Note: The mulit color option is a slow transition color change and may not be bright enough to illuminate the eggs. (But all other single colors are very bright!)

- Mini LED Lights with Flashing Light