Glowing Bunny Ears

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- Fun Glowing Bunny Ears!
- Make Bunny Ears, Mouse Ears or Alien Antennae!
- Connectors can be used to make glow bracelets!
- A great addition to the Glow Easter Egg Hunt!

It's time to get hopping and glowing with Glowing Bunny Ears! We've added an extra pair of 8" glow sticks to our Glowing Bunny Ears pack, so now instead of 2 glow sticks - you get 4! That means bigger bunny ears, but you can also put the glow sticks on the glowing bunny ear head boppers into more configurations now - like the "Alien Antennae" or "Bear Ears".

Instructions: Bend the glow sticks just enough to break the internal glass ampoules. Shake well to mix and start the glow. Then arrange the glow sticks on the headband however you want! And because our light up bunny ears use glow sticks, they are totally waterproof!

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More Information
Glow Duration: Approx. 6 Hours
Shelf Life: Approx. 2 Years if Kept in Foil Package
Length: Glow Sticks: 8 Inches (20.3 cm)
Width: Glow Sticks: 5 mm Thickness