Christmas Glow Party Products

Light up your Christmas party with bright and fun glowing products! Our glow and LED light products make perfect gifts and stocking stuffers and our lighted bar products will amaze your Christmas party guests! Our light products will make sure that you have a bright Christmas this year. 

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  1. LED Wristbands Glow Bracelets Magnetic Clasp
    Clear LED Wristband Glow Bracelets with Magnetic Clasp
    $2.49 $0.00
  2. Glow Stick Candles
    6 Inch Glow Stick Candles
  3. Waterproof LED Fairy String Lights
    Waterproof LED String Fairy Lights
  4. 8 Inch Standard Glow Bracelets
    8 Inch Standard Glow Bracelets
  5. Standard Glow Necklaces
    22 Inch Standard Glow Necklaces
  6. Submersible LED Water Lights
    Waterproof LED Tea Lights
  7. Fiber Optic Wands On Special
    Fiber Optic Wands - Single Colors (On Special)
  8. Light Up LED Ice Cubes
    Light Up LED Ice Cubes
  9. Glowing Drink Straws
    Glow Stick Straws
  10. Light Up LED Tumbler Glasses
    Light Up Tumbler Glasses - Single Color Selections
  11. Glowing Earrings with LED Lights
    Light Up LED Earrings
  12. Light Up LED Glow Golf Balls
    Light Up LED Golf Balls
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Christmas Glow Party Information and Resources:

It's Christmas time again! But where to start? At of course! Throw the ultimate Christmas Glow Party with a variety of our bright glowing products.

Christmas Glow in the Dark Barware:
Here at we always know the correct place to start is with a cocktail. Especially at Christmas. So this Christmas, light up your next Christmas cocktail party and make it a Glow in the Dark Christmas Party! Serve up your favorite bubbly in Light Up Champagne Glasses and make this Christmas one to remember. And making holiday memories is what it's all about. And makes Christmas decorating easy when all you have to do is light up your drinking glasses! And with Glow in the Dark Coasters you can light up your regular glassware, and your bottles too! Versatile Light Up Tumbler Glasses make great water glasses, are perfect for highballs and are also a great light up glass for kids as well. And if it's something different you're looking for, check out the Glowing Disco Glasses. The Light Up Disco Drinking Glasses are basically a hand held light show. And why not serve up everybody's drinks at your next Christmas event on your very own Light Up Serving Tray! Be sure to check out our full catalog of light up drinking supplies for the Christmas glow party!

Glow in the Dark Christmas Crafts:
Light Up Ginger Bread Houses, Christmas Wreaths, Christmas Garlands and more with Fairy String Lights, the Mini LED Clip and Balloon Lights and Submersible Tea Lights! From simply putting red and green LED Fairy String Lights into a mason jar (which looks awesome by the way) to carefully weaving them around a Christmas wreath, there are literally a million things you can light up with fairy string lights! Christmas Poinsettias look amazing when lit up with fairy string lights! With LED String Lights you can turn your Santa Hat into something really special too. Need to light up a few balloons this holiday season? Then check out our mini LED clip and balloon lights! And with Submersible Decor Tea Lights you can light up centerpieces, Ginger Bread Houses and Christmas figurines and displays. They're small enough to fit just about anywhere and go inside anything – they're waterproof!

Get Glowing at Christmas Dinner:
If you want to make this year's Christmas Dinner extra memorable, then make it Glow! Get everyone in the spirit with Light Up Green Ball Head Boppers and Light Up Star Head Boppers, the Christmas Tree Flashing Pin Blinkies and Light Up Bubble Rings and the Light Up LED Star Necklace Pendants, the LED Cross Shape Necklace Pendants or LED Crystal Shape Necklace Pendants. And serve up everyone's drinks with Light Up Drinking Glasses. With Light Up Wine Glasses and Light Up Tumbler Glasses, you'll be able to serve everybody their favorite beverage in fun glowing glasses! And creating light up table top centerpieces is easy when you have White Round Orb LED Decor Lamp, the White LED Decor Cube and White LED Star Decor Lamps, the Crystal Base Fiber Optic Lamps and the 4”, 6” and 8” Flameless Candles!

Fun Glow in the Dark Christmas Gift Ideas and Glowing Stocking Stuffers:
If your family is just as hard to buy for as our families, finding that perfect gift can be tough. Why not start thinking out of the box with some epic Glow in the Dark Gift ideas? Here's a list of our favorite Light Up Stocking Stuffers!

For the Sporting Type on your list:
- Glow in the Dark LED Football
- Light Up LED Volleyball
- Glowing LED Basketball
- Glow in the Dark LED Soccerball
- LED Golf Balls

For the Scientist on your list:
- Plasma Ball Lamp
- Flying Disco Ball Helicopter

For the Safety Person or The Survivalist on your list:
- 6” 12 Hour Green Glow Sticks 
- 7" LED Light Sticks

- Safety Clip Lights

For the Wizard or Sorceress on your list:
- Giant Magic Fairy Wands
- Light Up Expandable Sword
- Gloves with Light Up Fingers

For the Cool Person on your list:
- Light Up Sunglasses
- Light Up Hula Hoop
- Light Up Frisbee

For the Extrovert on your list:
- Programmable Message T-Shirts
- Scrolling Message Belt Buckle

Flameless Candles and More for Glow in the Dark Christmas Decorations:
Have kids? Have kids visiting? Have a cat? Have a cat visiting? Is your Uncle Steve just as clumsy as mine? Why sit there worrying at the dinner table all night if those candles you lit in the living room are going to catch your amazing mantel piece nativity set on fire because your cousin's visiting cat just knocked them over? Do not do that to yourself! Christmas is a time of love and joy, not fire and hate! So let's start decorating with LED Flameless Candles! Light up your mantel with the 4 Inch LED Pillar Candles, the 6 Inch LED Pillar Candles or the 8 Inch LED Pillar Candles. The Flameless pillar candles are made with real paraffin wax and look and act just like the real thing with their flickering LED Flame. Powered by 2 replaceable AA batteries, they will last longer than regular candles too! The LED Flameless Candles also look great in light up table top centerpiece displays and Light Up Flameless tea light candles can be substituted for regular tea light candles in lanterns and decorations.

Other fun ways to light up your Christmas decorations is to use the Submersible Decor Light with Remote. These can be set to red and green colors and can light up Christmas figurines, lanterns and ornaments and give cool ambient light effects to Glowing Christmas mantel displays. The LED Fairy String Lights consist of individual LED Lights over 6 feet long. Because they are battery operated and very light, the LED Fairy String Lights can be put in places regular Christmas String Lights that require a plug can't go. So you can light up Christmas Wreaths on doors, Light Up Santa Hats and center pieces without worrying about tripping over cords! The Large Decor Light Base with Remote is a big 23 LED decor light with 13 different color settings, perfect for glow in the dark table top Christmas displays, light up centerpieces and mantel lighting! So remember to bring out fun, safe and easy to use LED flameless candles and battery operated decorative lighting this Christmas! You'll have more cool decorating options and your house will be safe from those visiting cats and Uncle Steve!

Top 5 Glowing Christmas Must Haves:
So in summary, if you're looking for Christmas inspiration, you have come to the right place. Here at we want you and yours to have the best Christmas ever this year. Here are our Top 5 Glow in the Dark Christmas Must Haves:
1) Light Up Wine Glasses (Because your guests will love them and you deserve a glass of wine)
2) Christmas Tree Flashing Pins (A quick and easy way to show everyone that you've captured the Christmas spirit. And they make fun stocking stuffers too!)
3) Rechargeable Tea Light Candles (decorate the safe way this year!)
4) Waterproof LED String Fairy Lights (Amaze your friends and family during the holiday season with how clever your Christmas decorations are)
5) LED Star Decor Lamps (Quick charming light up centerpieces and also make great stocking stuffers!)