LED Ice Cubes - Multi-Color - 1 Missing Color

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On Special for the following reasons:

- 1 missing LED Color Light (random color)

- Light Up LED Ice Cubes
- Multi-Color (with 1 missing LED color light)
- Light Up Drinks, Ice Buckets, Vases & Centerpieces!

Light Up LED Ice Cubes with multi-color lights! The light up drink cube is a glowing ice cube shape for making glowing drinks and to light up punch bowls, vases or centerpieces. Get the the glow party event glowing with light up ice cube drink lights. (On special due to 1 LED primary color light not working.)

Instructions: Click the small button on the bottom of the Light Up LED Ice Cube to turn the unit on and to circulate through the various color settings.

Note: These LED Ice Cubes are on special due to one missing primary LED color. The missing color is random per cube.

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More Information
Glow Duration: Approx. 12 Hours depending on the setting
Batteries: Sealed
Width: 1 3/16 Inches (3 cm)
Length: 1 3/16 Inches (3 cm)