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All LED Flameless Candles can be bulk ordered. Please call 1-877-233-4569 to obtain more information about ordering bulk quantities of any of our LED Candles and LED Light products.

Glowproducts.com is proud to introduce its full line of battery powered LED Flameless Candles, all available for wholesale and bulk purchases. These include the Flameless Tea Light Candles, Flicker Flame Votive Candles, the 4 Inch, 6 Inch and 8 Inch Flameless Pillar Candles, hand-held No-Flame Taper Candle and Water Proof Submersible LED Light Candles. All of our LED Candles are perfect for events and locations where open flame is either not allowed or not advisable. Click the links below for more information about each individual candle type including dimensional sizes, types of batteries used and ordering information.

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  1. Submersible LED Water Lights
    Waterproof LED Tea Lights
  2. Waterproof LED Fairy String Lights
    Waterproof LED String Fairy Lights
  3. Glow Stick Candles
    6 Inch Glow Stick Candles
  4. Light Up Marquee Letter Lamp Light
    Light Up Marquee Letter and Number Lamps
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Bulk LED Candles by GlowProducts.com
If you're looking for a wide range of bulk flameless candle products and fun wholesale LED glow in the dark party decorations then you have come to the right place: Glowproducts.com!

Bulk Flameless Candle Glow Party Decorations
Here at Glowproducts.com we have a saying – Stay Safe, Go Flameless!  And we're one of the few companies that carry a complete range of bulk flameless candle party and event lighting, featuring both wholesale battery operated LED candles, Glow Stick Candles and Glow Sticks and LED battery operated decor lighting. All of your glow in the dark party supply needs can be found right here!  Our hand held Safe No Flame LED candles and our 6” Glow Stick Candles are perfect for Church Christmas services and special candle light vigil events where real candles are not allowed. Our hand held LED candles come with the batteries already installed and are replaceable, so you can use them again and again. And our Duralume brand 6” glow stick candles are made to our exacting specifications and are the best glow stick style candles available.

Bulk LED Candles are Perfect for the Great Outdoors!
The bulk LED flameless candles are perfect for outdoor use. There's no worry about the candles getting knocked over and all of a sudden you have a major catastrophe on your hands. If your event is taking place in a hot, dry location where there are summertime fire-bans, LED candles and battery operated party lighting are a must have. If your summer wedding is outside, if you are having a party in a cabin in a remote area or if you are at a big outdoor festival where candles are not allowed, then battery operated candles and party lighting is what you are going to need. Does it look like rain? That's OK, the show must go on! And with help from Glowproducts.com, it will. Our Bulk Flameless candles are not affected by wind and rain like regular candles will be. In fact, we even carry products that are fully submersible and waterproof, like submersible LED tea lights, waterproof string lights, submersible disk lights with remote control and LED Spike Marker Balls that can be turned into floating LED pool lights!

Decorate the Safe and Easy Way with Wholesale LED Candles!
Many party venues are not allowed to have candles due to fire code regulations, that's OK, we have what you're looking for! Many churches, halls and older buildings do not allow the use of open flame candles. But there is no need to worry! With bulk LED candles, light up decor lights, LED fairy string lights and balloon lights, the party lighting at your event will be well taken care of.

So take advantage of the additional capabilities and features of battery operated flameless candles and special party lighting by Glowproducts.com. You can put together amazing centerpieces, light displays and decorations without the use of candles. In fact your event will look better without them! And you'll rest easy knowing that with no open flames around, your event will be both a night to remember and be completely safe!