6 Inch Glow Stick Candles - Assorted Color 48 Piece Pack

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- 48 Glow Stick Candles in an Assorted Color Mix!
- 12 each of Yellow, Green, Orange and White!
- Glow Sticks in the Shape of a Classic Candle!
- Festive Parties! Vigils! Caroling! Halloween!

The Glow Stick Candle Assorted Color Mix comes with 48 Glow Stick Candles in a mix of Yellow, Green, Orange and White. (12 pcs of each color) Glow Stick Candles are bright glow sticks in the shape of a classic candle are 6 inches long and are totally waterproof and weather proof.  And are a lot safer than normal open flame candles!  Glow Stick Candles are the perfect addition to any lighted event or glow party that requires subtle candle lights but without the flames. You can use these brightly colored Glow Stick Candles for Christmas Services, Christmas Caroling, Festive Parties, Vigils or any other lighted party event! 

Remove the Glow Stick Candle from the foil packaging and simply bend the candle light stick just enough to break the internal capsule separating the glow. Shake to mix and start the glow reaction!

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Glow Duration: Approx. 6-8 Hours
Shelf Life: Approx. 2 Years (if kept in foil package)
Length: 5 3/4 Inches (14.6 cm)
Width: 5/8 Inch (1.58 cm)