Glow Stir Sticks - 9 Inch

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- 9 Inch Long Glow in the Dark Stir Sticks!
- Light Up Swizzle Sticks!
- Add Colorful Glow to Your Drinks!
- Available in a variety of fun colors!
- Special Drink Promos, Gala Fundraisers! Parties!

For shorter Glow Stir Sticks, see the 5" Glow Stir Sticks

Glowing Stir Sticks are available with Custom Printing

9" Glow in the Dark Stir Sticks from are going to light up your cocktails and make a truly special drink presentation!  Our eye catching light up Stir Sticks are sure to grab everyone's attention at special events, night clubs and charity gala evenings and for special drink promotions. These glowing stir sticks are 9 inches long and look great in highball glasses, soda glasses, cola style glasses, tall tumblers and our glowing party glasses and cups!  Next time you're mixing up some drinks, remember your glowing stir sticks! 

Instructions: Bend the light stick just enough to "crack" it and get the glow started. Shake well to mix and get the glow stick glowing. Then insert the glowing light stick into the top of the stir stick and then put it into your glass - it's that easy to create glowing drink presentations with glow in the dark swizzle sticks!


Glow Stir Sticks are also available in a shorter version. Be sure to check out the 5 Inch Glowing Stir Sticks!


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More Information
Glow Duration: Approx. 6 Hours
Shelf Life: Approx. 2 Years
Length: 9 3/8 Inches (24 cm)
Width: 5/16 Inch (.7 cm)
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