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Night Golf Tournaments
(Glow in the Dark Golf)

Play Night Golf Tournaments

Glow in the Dark Night Golf is great for playing on the course or practicing in your backyard. Now you don't have to interrupt your game solely because it's getting dark. You can keep playing all night. Glow in the Dark Night Golf is also great for people who find it hard to fit their golfing time into their busy schedule. With Glow in the Dark Night Golf you can play whenever you have free time and the best thing of all about playing golf at night is that you get to avoid the crowds and heat.

Night Glow Golf is huge with mini golf players and regular golfers alike, because the glow in the dark golf balls that sells are not any toy golf balls.

Glow in the Dark Night Golf Tournaments are also great for office parties and fundraising events. With the best tournament combination being 9 holes in the afternoon followed by a buffet dinner (possible glow party dinner) and then 9 holes of exciting glowing night golf once the sun sets.

Night Glow Golf Instructions

Glow in the Dark Golf Balls are great for playing on the course or practicing in your backyard at night. But to make the most of your night golf game you should follow the instructions below for how to properly play with the night golf ball.

  • Activate the "Mammoth" mini glow stick by bending once. The glow stick will take a few minutes to completely activate.
  • Near the hole at one end of the night golf ball you will see a small "S". This is the Small end of the hole; insert the glow stick into the opposite end of the glowing night golf ball.
  • Before each stroke reposition the glowing night golf ball so that the club head strikes the ball parallel to the stick (play winter rules).
  • To keep the glowing night golf ball properly balanced, check to make sure the stick in centered within the ball before each stroke.
  • To replace the stick use a tee or similar instrument to push the old mini glow stick out. Push from the 'Small' end of the hole marked with an "S" toward the large end. Then insert your new "Mammoth" mini glow as instructed in step 2 of these instructions.
  • Each player should mark their glowing night golf ball with a felt pen to minimize confusion with other players night golf balls.

Glow in the Dark Night Golf Tournament Recommended Setup

Players - Light up the players with one 22 inch glow necklace each so that they can be seen from any direction. You can even use different glow necklace colors to identify different night golf teams. Plus you might also want to provide each night golf player with one 6 inch glow stick so that they can easily find clubs and mark scores.

Golf Carts - Mark your golf cart with 22 inch glowing necklaces and 6 inch glow sticks to make sure that the group behind doesn't hit into the group ahead. You can also add some extra fun to your night golf tournament by holding a competition to see which team can light up their golf cart with the craziest glow design.

Tee Box - Mark the tee box with either 6 inch glow sticks or 4 inch glow sticks with stands. Place one glow stick on each side of the tee box. The 4 inch glow stick with stand has little spikes in the stand that makes it easy to insert into the ground and to stay in place.

Fairways - Light up the fairways like an airstripe at night with 6 inch glow sticks. For best results place the 6 inch glow sticks at least every 50 to 100 yards on each side of the fairway. That way you can clearly see where to drive the glow in the dark golf ball.

Flags - The flags should be marked with either one 12 inch glow stick or two 6 inch glow sticks tied together so that players can easily see their traget from great distances. You can quickly attached the glow sticks to the flag using masking tape.

Holes - GlowProducts.comT carries a bendabled glow stick called the 'Twister' that is great for marking holes. Inside the Twister there is a piece of metal which allows it to be shaped to hug the inside of the hole and to stay in place when the flag moves in and out. Plus it makes a cool putting target too!

Hazards - If you are using green 6 inch glow sticks for fairways, tee boxes and greens then use yellow to mark the hazards. Typically for small hazards one 6 inch glow stick at the end of the hazard is adequate. However it is best to have to hazards clearly marked with glow sticks, because the last thing you want is for your glow in the dark golf ball to end up in a sandtrap that you couldn't see.

Golf Ball - Finally the most important part of the your night golf tournament; the glowing in the dark golf balls. Each player requires on glow in the dark golf ball and one 'Mammoth' mini glow stick to make the ball glow. It is also a good idea to buy some extra glowing night golf balls just in case some players lose their ball. Many tournament operators buy extra 'Mammoth' mini glow sticks and provide each player with an extra stick so that they can re-use their night golf ball at a later time.


NOTE: The image above shows a hollow metal driver. However it is not recommended to use hollow metal woods or thin faced drivers as the night golf ball may damage your club. Use only solid woods, irons and putters.
Close up picture of the glowing night golf ball using a green 'Fat' mini glow stick. This night golf ball is not just bright it floats too so you don't have to worry about losing your glow in the dark golf ball in the water.


Mark your golf cart with glow necklaces and glow sticks so that night golf players won't hit into the group ahead. Not only does it make your group visible but different night golf groups can have competitions to see who can create the craziest glowing golf cart design.


Find the right golf club in the dark with a bright 6" glow stick. The 6" glow stick is the most versatile glow stick for night golf. It can be your light source for everything from lighting up the course to finding snacks in your back pack.


Light up your fairways and mark your hazards for your night golf tournaments with 6" glow sticks. These bright and long lasting glow sticks ensure that you can see where you're playing for the whole night golf tournament.