6 Inch Glow Sticks - 5 Minute Ultra Intensity

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6 Inch Glow Sticks - 5 Minute Ultra Intensity is available to buy in increments of 10

- 6" Ultra Bright Emergency Glow Stick
- Ultra Intensity, 5 Minute Glow Time!
- Safer than Flares for Emergency Use!
- Popular for Glowsticking & Glowstringing!
- Individually Packaged for Longer Shelf Life!

5 Minute ULTRA Bright 6 Inch Emergency Glow Sticks are super intense glow sticks that burn ULTRA bright for 5 minutes. These special 6" glow sticks are uniquely formulated Duralume brand light sticks that will burn as bright as they possibly can for 5 minutes. 6" Ultra glow sticks are used as safety markers, emergency glow stick flares or for any use where you need an intensely bright and safe light source!  Our Ultra intensity 6 inch chem light glow sticks have been used for military operations and are awesome for glow stick dancing too!  All of our glow sticks including the 6 inch Ultra Intensity Glow Sticks are waterproof, don't give off heat, are non-sparking and are 100% guaranteed not to leak or be duds.  So whether you're on military maneuvers or at a dance competition, you know our glow sticks will work every time!

Instructions: Bend the Ultra bright 6" glow stick just enough to break the internal capsule.  Shake to mix and start the intense glow reaction!  Each 6" Ultra chemlight stick comes with a lanyard in the package too, perfect for glowsticking!

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Glow Duration: Approx. 5 Minutes
Shelf Life: Approx. 5 years if kept in foil package
Length: 6 1/4 Inches (16 cm)
Width: 13/16 Inch (2 cm)
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