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LED Game Fishing Lights


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Product Highlights:

- Bright LED Fishing Lights Attracts Game Fish!
- Flashing Multi-Color LED Lights
- Twist Top - Easy to Use!
- Rated for Depths Up to 2000 Feet (610 Meters)
- Durable Design with Replaceable Batteries!

LED Game Fishing Lights

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Product Details:

It's time to go fishing with our LED Light Up Game Fishing Lights! Catch the big one with bright, color changing LED submersible fishing lights that are excellent for fishing Swordfish, Crappie, Halibut, Snapper, and other game fish. Our tough underwater LED fishing lights can be used trolling either at the surface or down deep, surf casting or jigging from a dock or boat as this submersible light is designed with fins to help it easily glide through the water. When fishing with light, the plankton are attracted to the light. The plankton that's attracted to your LED Game Fish Light then in turn attract bait fish and the bait fish then attract the game fish that you're after! Some game fish as well are just naturally attracted to light at night as well! So head out to your favorite spot tonight and try your luck with these bright Underwater LED Game Fishing Lights!


Just turn the top cap of the LED Fishing Light to turn the light on and off. The Underwater LED Game Fishing Light has Multi-Color LED lights and is visible underwater up to 16 to 24 feet (5 to 7 meters) and is depth rated to 2,000 ft (610 meters) [note: Please ensure that you screw the cap tight so that it remains water tight at deep depths].

LED Game Fishing Lights

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