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6" Glow Sticks - Infrared IR

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Product Highlights:

- High Grade Military Glow Sticks
- Only Visible under the Infrared Spectrum
- Requires Infrared Goggles or Visors
- Invisible to the Naked Eye
- Used for Military, Police & Emergency Operations

6" Glow Sticks - Infrared IR

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Product Details:

6 Inch Infrared Glow Sticks are used to mark targets, areas and personnel at night that are only visible with Infrared or Nightvision goggles and not to the naked eye. These Infrared Glow Sticks have an 8 hour glow duration. 6" Infrared Glow Sticks have been used by the U.S. Military, the Canadian Military and also by the Turkish Army in both training and combat missions. Our 6" Infrared Glow Sticks glow in the near infrared spectrum, with a wavelength of 790nm.


NOTE: Infrared "Night Vision" goggles are required. Only visible under the infrared spectrum. Bend the infrared glow stick just enough to break internal glass ampoule. Shake to mix chemicals. Glows in the near infrared spectrum with a wavelength of 790nm.

Product Specifications:

Dimensions: Length 6 1/4 Inches (16 cm)
Dimensions: Width 13/16 Inch (2 cm)
Glow Duration Approx. 8 Hours (Visible only in the Infra-Red spectrum)
Shelf Life Approx. 4 years if kept in foil package
Packaging Individually foil wrapped

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