8 Inch Glow Wristband Bracelets - Assorted Color 80 Piece Pack

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- Glow Wristband Bracelet - Assorted Color Mix!
- 20 Each of Green, Blue, Red & Pink
- Special Events! Concerts! Birthday & Glow Parties!

* Glowing Wristbands are available with Custom Printing

Assorted Color Wristband Glow Bracelets - 80 piece pack is an assorted color mix of glowing wristband bracelets. This assorted color mix comes with 20 each of Green, Blue, Red and Pink banded glow bracelets . The brightness of these thick glow bracelets makes them perfect for any glow party, festival or night sports event. Glowing wristbands are waterproof and are non-heat producing.

Instructions: Bend along the length of the glow wrist band bracelet to break the inner glow capsules. Shake to mix and start the glow effect! Bend the thick glow bracelet in a loop and insert the end into the connector.

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More Information
Glow Duration: Approx. 6-8 Hours
Shelf Life: Approx. 3 Years if kept in foil package
Length: 8 Inches (20.5 cm)
Width: 5/8 Inch (1.6 cm)