3 Inch Glow Sticks - Assorted Color 120 Piece Pack

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- 3" Glow Stick Assorted Color Mix Pack!
- Includes 30 each of Green, Yellow, Blue & Red
- Bright, Safe, Compact Light Source!
- Fishing! Camping! Glow Parties!

3 Inch Glow Sticks in an Assorted Color Mix Pack that includes 30 Green, 30 Yellow, 30 Blue and 30 Red Glow Sticks. The 3 Inch Glow Stick is very popular with fishermen, campers and for use in compact emergency and safety kits! The 3" Glow Sticks are individually packaged and a tube for attachment to line or rod tip is also included. The 3 Inch Chem Light Glow Sticks are a bright, compact, water-proof, non-sparking, non-heat producing source of light that is ready when you are! Glowproducts.com's 3" Glow Stick is a great economical light stick that packs a lot of glow into a small size! 

Instructions: Bend the 3 inch glow stick just enough to break internal capsule. Shake to mix and start the glow. Optional tube is included for attaching the 3 Inch chemlight sticks to lines, lures or rod-tips. The assorted color pack 3" glow sticks are Duralume Brand glow sticks, so you know they will be bright, consistent and reliable.

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Glow Duration: Approx. 6-8 Hours
Shelf Life: Approx. 3 Years if kept in foil packaging
Length: 3 Inches (7.5 cm)
Width: 1/4 Inch (.63 cm)