1.5 Inch Mini Glow Sticks - 24 Hour Powder Mix

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- Long Lasting Mini Glow Stick!
- Special Powder Formula Lights up for 24 Hours!
- Use as Inserts for Glowing Badminton Birdies!
- Use as Trail Markers & Glowing Fish Attractors!

Note: Due to a slow release powder activator, the sticks must be shaken periodically to sustain the glow effect.

1.5 Inch Mini 24 Hour Glow Sticks use a long-lasting luminescent powder glow formulation that will glow for more than 24 hours! The little glow stick that just won't quit! A 100% waterproof, non-heat producing, safe source light. These long lasting miniature light sticks are ideal for night fishing, trail markers for hiking or camping and are great for wherever you need a compact, completely waterproof source of light that will last a long, long time!  Long lasting mini glow sticks are also used as glow inserts for our glowing badminton birdies! These 1.5 inch mini glow sticks will last a full 24 hours without dimming or losing intensity. 

Instructions: Bend the 1.5" 24 hour glow stick to break the internal capsule. Shake to mix the glow liquid and powder formula together and release the glow!

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More Information
Glow Duration: Approx. 24 Hours
Shelf Life: Approx 2-3 years if kept in foil packaging
Length: 1 1/2 Inches (3.8 cm)
Width: 1/4 Inch (.63 cm)