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Glow Products.com
Expert in glow sticks, necklaces, night golf, light up LED and custom lighted products

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  • Glow Sticks and Light Sticks Complete Range of Bright Glow Sticks
  • Light Up Ice Cubes and Glasses Light Up Ice Cubes and Lighted Glasses
  • Glow Necklaces Glow Necklaces and Bracelets
  • Night Golf Night Golf - Glow in the Dark Golf Balls

GlowProducts.com™ is your glow stick and light up products destination for all your after dark activities.

We carry a wide range of glow and LED light up products that includes premium quality glow sticks, glow necklaces, light up drinking glasses and glow sports and night golf equipment. We specialize in retail and wholesale distribution of alternative lighting for entertainment, safety and promotions. Because it gets dark every night!

GlowProducts.com™ strives to deliver the highest quality glow and LED light products possible. To prove our glow sticks, glow necklaces and glow products are of the highest quality we guarantee all of our glow sticks and necklaces 100%, no leakage, no duds.

Be sure to check out our Blog at Active Dark for great information and resources regarding glow and light products including glowing craft ideas, night time games to play, how glow sticks work and much, much more!


Night Golf

Visit our night golf page and learn how to setup a night golf tournament. We carry all the night golf glow products you need from glow necklaces to glow in the dark golf balls. Combine your Night Golf Tournament with a glow party for a great fundraising event!

Glow Sticks

We carry a wide selection of glow sticks for entertainment and safety or emergency situations. With our bright industrial strength glow sticks you will never be left in the dark. For more information on glow sticks check out our glow stick FAQs page.

Glow Necklaces

We carry long lasting glow necklaces that glow brightly with intense color. Choose your glow necklaces from our standard or premium line, available in both single color or assorted color packs! A wide variety of LED light up necklaces and glow bracelets are available as well!

Glow Jewelry

We are your glow jewelry destination, carrying lighted accessories from glowing finger rings to glow pendants and glow badges. If you are looking for glowing jewelry or wearables we have it! The light up sunglasses are an instant party and look great with a programmable message belt buckle.


Light Up Ice Cubes

Light up ice cubes are perfect for evening banquets or corporate parties. Amaze your guests by serving glowing drinks with lighted ice cubes. You can buy the flashing light up ice cubes in 5 different colors or go for the multi color light up ice cubes. and get all the colors in one cube!

Flameless Candles

Set the mood for your event with our flameless candles. The LED Candle's realistic flickering flame adds the perfect accent lighting to any location and with replaceable batteries you can use them again and again.


Make your marketing campaign stand out with your logo or message on one of our lighted promotional products. We can handle small and large custom orders from private parties and events to large corporate promotions.

Light Up Glasses

If you’re having a party, make it glow with light up drinking glasses! From light up shot glasses to lighted beer mugs, we have LED drink glasses in all shapes, sizes and styles. Have fun with light up wine glasses at your next dinner party or if your event is a little more wild, check out the flashing party glasses.