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Glow Novelties offers a variety of interesting and fun glow in the dark novelty products. From light up finger rings and flashing body pins to ice cubes and scrolling text belt buckles to glow necklaces and LED costume accessories. We have a ever growing selection of glow and LED novelty products and light up jewelry that will be blast at your next glow party. Glowing novelty items make for great party favors, gifts, festival items or decorations.

Find glow novelties and all the other glow products you need at today!

Light Up LED Party Wand Light Up LED Party Wand view details Light Up LED Party Wand Glowing Eye Glasses Glowing Eye Glasses view details Glowing Eye Glasses Glowing Bunny Ears Glowing Bunny Ears view details Glowing Bunny Ears Fiber Optic Wands Fiber Optic Wands view details Fiber Optic Wands Ultimate Glow Party Pack Ultimate Glow Party Pack view details Ultimate Glow Party Pack Flashing LED Bubble Rings Flashing LED Bubble Rings view details Flashing LED Bubble Rings Smiley Face Body Light Smiley Face Body Light view details Smiley Face Body Light LED Color Changing Lamps - Star LED Color Changing Lamps - Star view details LED Color Changing Lamps - Star