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LED Light Up Volleyballs



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Diameter: 8 Inches (20.3 cm) Official Size

Glow Duration:
Approx. 24 hours of continuous use

3 pcs AG13 Batteries (Included and Replaceable)

SKU / Part #:

  • PUSH BUTTON ACTIVE - You decide when to turn the LED Lights On and Off! (No Timers!)
  • Each LED Volleyball Comes with an additional LED Light Insert! (including extra batteries!)
  • Bright LED Lights Keeps the Game Going All Night!

Note: To allow the LED lights to shine through the Volleyball surface, these LED Volleyballs do not have extra leather padding like a regular Volleyball. Due to this, these LED Volleyballs are slightly harder than a standard Volleyball and should be served and hit accordingly.

Spike, Volley, Bump and Dig your way through the night with fun Light Up Volleyballs! Play beach Volleyball well into the night with our fun LED lighted Volleyballs - just push the button to light it up! Our light up Volleyballs are official size and weight and have durable semi-transparent patches that allows the light to shine through. LED volleyballs are an excellent night sport ball for fun with your friends or even for Volleyball tournaments.

The advantage of an LED volley ball compared to a regular glow in the dark volleyball is that LED balls are a lot brighter and don't dim during play. With LED Volleyballs you don't have to charge them in the light before you play and with our long lasting batteries you can easily play all night with a consistent bright light. Plus these bright lighted volleyballs have replaceable batteries so you can use them again and again.

And before you start your game of Night Volleyball remember to grab some 22" Glow Necklaces to light up the players and lay out the court. And use 6" Glow Sticks to clip onto the net and light it up too!

Please note that if you would like to mix and match the LED Volleyballs with our LED Soccerballs , LED Basketballs or LED Footballs to achieve the same savings, feel free to give us a call, toll-free, at 1-877-233-GLOW(4569) and we’ll be glad to give you a hand with your order today.


Click the power button in firmly and watch your Light Up LED Volleyball illuminate! (No Timers, you decide when to turn the ball on and off!) Included with each Glowing Volleyball is an additional LED light and battery insert. Simply twist and unscrew the button portion of the LED ball and replace the existing insert with a new one. The Light Up Volley Ball is an official size and weight 18 panel volley ball.